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Alex Morgan was on an international stage in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, when she played for the US women's team against Italy. It was an extremely high profile match, and for the entire country, especially in the United States, she was on the news, and her team dominated the game.

On this day, she was seen being the first woman in the women's team to ever be sent off the field during a match. Alex Morgan, a highly touted soccer player, was at a loss for words. She was devastated. The following day, her friends and teammates started posting photos of her at work, with a blank expression on her face, and it was clear to many of the women in the sports world that the team was not winning.

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The following day, the US men's national team went to Mexico City for the 2010 World Cup. The US women's national team had just been crowned as Olympic champions, and as the team left the field at Mexico City airport, they had a new addition to their team, a young man named Alex Morgan. The fans in the stadium were in shock as the star goalkeeper and the man who would become the world's most celebrated female soccer player, arrived at the airport with his head down, his head hung and his hand up to cover his mouth. "Can I have this one?" she asked, as he took her hand, and took it to his mouth to kiss her. After the kiss, they walked back toward the team bus.

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