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Ali has been a hardcore porn-star since she was 18 years old. She first made her porn debut as a girl in a movie called Cumshot. That movie made Ali a star in the porn-industry and the attention she received was very flattering to her. She was a girl who was so popular that her fans were known as "Macgraw-Hotties" or "MacgrawHotties-Online." That's how she got the nickname "Macgraw". Ali now enjoys adult-porn stars and is very happy with her career in the adult-porn industry. Ali macgraw started her career as a porn-star in 2007. Macgraw-Hotties was Ali's first porn-movie. When her first movie was made, Macgraw was known as "MacgrawHottie". She was very popular at the time so she had the "Macgraw" name all over her public creampie life and her fans nicknamed her "Macgraw". Her popularity was great so people in her audience called her "Macgraw-Hottie" because she was so popular. She made many porn-videos and movies and even had an erotic party.

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