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Aliee Eve's Porn Blog

A few months ago I was invited to do an interview with a popular online porn star about the porn industry, and we talked about a bunch of stuff including porn-blogging, and her first few years of porn. I was told to leave the interview until the end, but I got to talk to her again, and we talked about her journey from the small city of Dachau, Germany to the big city of Las Vegas, and from that point of view I don't want to repeat myself. You can read about her at her website:

Aliee Eve is one of the most interesting women I have ever had the pleasure to interview. Her name is alice eve, and she is an adult model, webcam star and internet porn star, and has been for years. Her blog is dedicated to providing you the latest updates of her life as she goes through her sex-crazed, hardcore porn-star phase, which is what most people have been wondering about, but they don't realize that alice eve is more than just the name of her porn-blog. Here you will find some of her personal blogs and videos, as well as her articles, interviews and articles of other porn stars and models. In a short time alice eve has been known as the hottest model in the world.

1. When were you born and when did you start modeling? When I was born I was a very small baby girl. When I was still very small my mommy brought me to her friend's house and put me to bed and we broccolibutts slept together for a while. Then she gave me to my father who went to work on the assembly line at night. He came back at the crack of dawn and I was sleeping on my back in my crib. 2. How did you like to do the nude modeling? It was fun and I loved to show off. I never felt the need to show off in real life. I like to look cool. 3. You have mentioned that when you were a child you had fantasies of being an adult star or adult model. How did that happen? I grew up in the 1980's. I remember watching porn movies kinsey sue and dreaming about having a career as an adult. My parents taught me that there are two types of people in the world - the good people and the bad people. And we were the bad people. When you live that way, you have to take risks and be an adventurer. It's what attracted me to the adult industry in the first place.

I knew a few girls who were into it but they would just go back to their daily routine and I thought that was a waste of their time. It was like a drug. I wanted to be a part of something. I started doing it with girls who I was really into. I would get together with friends of mine, we would do it and we would have some good times. After a while it kind of turned into a regular thing. I had a friend who was really into it but we never got the chance to have any of it. We always had to be back home in Chicago and make our rent. When I was younger, I would go to the same parties all the time. We used to go to these parties in Chicago, just so people would come to the ts escort stl parties because it was good fun and you would meet new people. The porn-blog article was about the one I went to in Chicago in 2011. The guy is one of the best I've ever seen. I didn't want to go out of state because that was a few years ago, but I just had to go. So, I met him online. I didn't really know anything about him or porn stars at the time because I was just looking at pictures. That's how it was. He was talking about some girl and I was like, "Okay. That's awesome! That's amazing." I was like, "I'm gonna do that." And then he said, "Okay, I'm going to make you come over here and do this." I went out there and met him. The next thing I know, we're all naked, just in his house, and I was totally turned on by the whole thing.

So what happened then?

So the next thing we knew, we were getting really excited because we knew it would be really good. So we were looking through a lot of things on his computer, and I saw a picture of him and he was actually getting naked, and I was like, "Wow, that's really hot." And I was thinking, "Well, I don't know what to do with this, but I'm just gonna let it happen." He started kissing me. And he was just really nice, and I was just so turned on.

I mean, the guy was hot. But I'm just thinking, "I'm a girl. You're gonna kiss me? What do I do?" I mean, I didn't do anything. I was just there, looking. And then I got a text.

It was from him. He said, "I've got a good shot of you in the next set." He said, "Just make sure you look good." He was actually giving me a tour of the studio. I'm not really that interested in being in a movie. But he was telling me to look nice, and it was, you know, really sexy.

I just, like, started looking at his tits, and I had no idea what to do with them. I just, like, went on staring. And he was just like, "Get into my lap. Grab it."

So I did, and I grabbed his dick. I was like, "Oh my God, this feels good." And he was like, "Come on, you've got to feel it. Oh my God."

And, you know, he started getting really into the action. And so, you know, I just put it into him and he got into it. And I could feel his muscles relaxing and the veins were getting really swollen. And it was like, this is going to be my fantasy.

I just started fucking him as hard as I could. He was getting very very turned on.

And then, you know, I pulled out of him. And it took us, like, a couple of minutes of fucking to get rid of all that tension. But you know, after that, we could see his body reacting very well. His muscles were relaxing very much and his tongue was licking my pussy again.

We started fucking again and I went up and down on him with my pussy, as I would have liked, but that was not easy.

He did not like that, and started making noises to show that. It was very strange, the way he was saying things. And the way his eyes were looking at me. I was not the type to be attracted to that kind of thing. He was trying to show me his sexual nature, he was not trying to do it to make me cum, just to make sure I would not forget. That was enough to make me not want to keep going.

And I did not forget, at all. The way he would say things to me was just so much fun. I wanted to make sure that he got what he was looking for. It was great to be able to watch it in the mirror, so I knew how it would turn out for him. And, it was not a bad idea to keep a close watch on him. I was just looking for a good experience.

I was also watching my daughter and he told her minecraft porn a story about his mom. "My mom was the first to talk about this stuff with my dad. She always used to say that when he was younger he was the only one who knew about all of this. The stories that he shared with me, they weren't so good, but he told me they had all been true. And then when he became an adult, he didn't tell us about all the sex he had with all the women he knew." I was thinking to myself, wow, a young guy.

My son was so excited when I told him that mom was in my sex video and he wanted me to show him. He said he wanted to watch this mommy porn. I was afraid, but I wasn't as scared as I was when he told me that his mother was the first one to tell him all about the porn and what kind of women he saw.

My son came home from school that day and was just like any other day. He was dressed in his uniform and was going to the football field for practice. My daughter told him that there was a special day where a lot of boys were invited to his mommy's home for a weekend. He told me that he was going there just to play amber rose nude and I told him that kay bear I wasn't there to help him with his homework, and I would be in the kitchen making him breakfast. The next morning, I said good morning to my son and then I took him inside his room and closed the door behind me. I told my son that I knew he would like to have a good time with his friends, and that it would be good if we took a walk. As my lucifersexdoll son was sitting at the kitchen table, I saw the same look in his eyes I saw when he first opened his door a couple of weeks ago. I knew right away he had something in mind that I had not planned on telling him. I quickly said "I don't mind if you do it." I got up, picked up my son, and went to the living room to get ready for our walk. As we walked down the hall, we met our friend who was at the kitchen table. He was wearing a tank top with an open back. As my son began to kiss him, he looked up to me and said "Mommy I like your panties. They fit me right." I was stunned and my mouth dropped open. He was right to say that! I had never seen underwear like that. I turned to the husband and told him that he didn't like my panties, but he couldn't deny that they looked very good on his wife. He said, "Mommy, what's wrong with them? They're too big. They should be the size that I wear." My son asked him if I could have some more. I gave him the choice of going to the store or to the car. My husband went to the store and got back in his car. He came back and told me that my panties were a big problem, and that the man's wife had said it would be fine if I changed to size 2 or 3. I told him that I would gladly change to the size that he wanted, but he said that he couldn't accept that. I had been with my husband for almost a year. I loved him very much and he had been my lover for almost half of that time. I am a 38D in size 4 and had lost 4 pounds. He asked if I had changed in the last two weeks. I said yes, but I also said that I was only going to go down to the size 2. We have been married about 5 years now.