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I want to start by stating that the porn industry is a business. This means that you have to pay a fee. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not like everyone is out of work because they can't pay their rent. No. I think that's really fucked up. If we paid someone to find a place to rent or a job or something, then we'd be all for it. The problem is that this porn-blog article is about how to pay for it. There's no mention of paying someone to find and sell these pictures. And this is how I felt. I mean, I had to pay $40 for my wife to have her first anal sex. So I know what I want to get from this. To show that these pictures are real and can't be faked. And that's how I feel about them. And I'd love to be able to send you the real images here, and that would be a big relief for me.

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