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We didn't have to drive, so it took about two and a half hours. We went to the beach, walked in the grass, looked at the trees, ate a sandwich and went to the movie theater. I told her, "Amy, don't you think this is a little weird? You're the girlfriend and I'm the girl in the film, right?" And she said, "Sure, but it's only because I love you." So, what I did was I said, "We're going out, so we can just have some fun. But you're not going to see any nude pictures, or see me doing anything that's in front of the camera. You're not going to be in my room, because I know you're not into it, but you'll be with me, and we can just enjoy the rest of the weekend." So, after that, she and I had a nice, long conversation, and we agreed that she'd keep her phone, which we could just put in a safe. Then, we sat in the car, and I said, "OK, this is gonna be really boring. Can you tell me what you're wearing in this outfit?" And she said, "No, I can't tell you." 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So, it was like a date. And at 3:00, we walked over to a place that had a pool, and I had my camera and a couple of my other friends with me, and I was just doing my work, and I noticed the waitress walked up to us. We all went to a table there and I said, "Excuse me, can I get you anything?" She said, "What, you want to get her a drink?" and I said, "Yes, that's fine." So, we went and she brought out some beer. I said, "This is the best beer she's ever had." And she gave me this huge smile. "This is your first time here," she said, "so please, be patient." I said, "Okay, I will wait for a second." And then, I said, "You see, I want you to keep looking at this picture on my phone, and when you see that picture, tell the girls at the bar that it's my first time here." And she said, "Okay." And I said, "If you want to do that, then I'll do that." So, I got my drink, we had a couple of drinks, and I just kept staring at that picture. And she was looking at me. She was like, "Wow. What a nice guy." She was telling my friends all about this. They all thought it was great. And then I looked at the picture a few more times, and I kept looking at that picture, and then she said, "It's my first time." She was like, "I know. This is the best beer I have ever had." And we both started laughing. I had gotten very drunk, and I was kind of shaking, and she was like, "It's all right. It's all right." And she said, "It's like a really good beer. You don't need to take a sip." And she gave free homemade porn me a little bit of it, and I was just so happy. I was so happy to have it. I said, "I want to drink more of that." And we both kind of laughed and then I was on the floor, in a little pool, and she got on top of me. She said, "This is what you get when you go with a guy to a bar." And I said, "Oh, yeah. I want to go again." And she said, "Oh, you should." So I went. I was so drunk that night, I got drunk.

[on getting drunk and getting laid in a hotel room] "We took a shower. I was wearing one of those little shorts that you put your feet in." She asked, "What's wrong with your feet?" "I have no idea." She said, "You should buy a pair of new ones." So I looked at my feet and I'm like, "What are you talking about?" I was in a hotel room in a room that had been changed in the last six weeks. We had a little pool, and we had a couple of bottles of wine. It was very nice. I got laid. It was a very quick encounter. [on getting laid with a woman named "Kiki" at a hotel in Miami] She's a great dancer, and she's gorgeous, and she's nice and warm. And I'm, like, "What?" She's like, "I want to see your dick." "Uh-huh." I'm like, "What? What's your dick?" She was wearing a bathing suit. We sat down, and she was very sexy and I was super nervous. She was very, like, super sexy, and we talked for a while, and I think I told her that I was a porn star, but I was also a dancer, and she told me to be nice. So we got on the bed, and I was like, "So, this is what you do?" "Yes." "So, like, your porn stuff?" "Yes." "So, like, do you have to be very gentle?" "Well, I'm not a good dancer, and I don't know a whole lot about dancing. So I'm not very good at it." "Oh, okay. I think that's a good thing. I want you to give it a shot." So she went and got me my first scene. It was a dance scene, but she was just like, "Okay, let's do this like a dance scene, okay?" And it was one of those scenes where I was just sitting on her face. And then she was like, "Well, you know what? You can wear whatever you want, and don't be scared of it. You're not going to feel like a little girl for this. It's a real scene." And she was just really lorna morgan into it, but she wasn't the kind of girl who would do anything I didn't want to do. She said she would take my head off. She had a really sexy way of doing it, but it was more of a scene than a porn film. So, I was like, "Okay, well, you can do whatever you want." And she was really into it. And I was kind of enjoying it, because I was thinking it was a little bit of a weird thing to do. It was kind of a fun experience, and it turned out really well. And that's when I discovered that she did a lot of porn, and she was in a couple of different scenes and she was so into doing it that it became really fun to watch her.

AVC: You're describing the scene as more like an "adventure" than a porn film. SB: It was.