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Lana Del Rey, the creator of the porn-blog that I have linked above, is also a porn-fan. She is not alone, of course, and many other famous people are fans. And many more people have joined in the industry over the years, as well. Andrea Londo is one of those people, and she is definitely one of the best. She is very good looking, which is a big part of her appeal, and she has amazing natural tits and a nice round ass. She is a true goddess! Lana Del Rey was born in Los Angeles in 1989. Her mother, Lisa Del Rey, is the founder of the adult entertainment industry and is known as the "first porn star" (as in a porn actress) of the United States, according to some. She is the mother of the late Lana Del Rey. She is also the daughter of Bruce Willis and Eva Green. She is considered the best looking porn star of all time. Her parents split up when she was a young girl and she never had any contact with them, but her father continued to film with the adult film company in LA, which was a very popular industry at the time. The adult film company was based in Hollywood and Lana's father was a director for the company, so she was exposed to so much of the adult industry at an early age, and was able to penis porn go out and do whatever she wanted in the industry. Lana Del Rey went to college and worked there for a few years before moving to California to attend the University of Southern California. She moved there in 1984 because she was tired of her parents' constant partying and her father and stepmother wanted her to take a more sober approach to life. Lana was a natural at it, and her family was very supportive and helpful. She was also able to find a lot of work, as her work in film and video dragonball hentai games would earn her more than enough money to pay her rent. This is how she ended up on the verge of bankruptcy. Her father started to get nervous about his daughter's career, so he started to worry that she was having too much fun and that she might not be a real adult film star. That was just how his wife was; her husband had to do what was best for the children, and the only way he could make it work was if he was always on her backside.

Lana had been going on the road to entertain men, mostly male fans, but when one of the guys on the tour asked her if she was ready to perform, she said, "No, I'm not." That's how she ended up on the brink of bankruptcy. Lana had always enjoyed performing; she was a member of the "Boys of God" and she even had the opportunity to appear in some porn films back in her teen years. She wasn't interested in porn at all, because she didn't think it was an adult film, but the man on the road was interested in it because it was her "porn debut," and she was interested in being the first one to take his money. The porn-scene was being filmed at her home, and she wasn't ready to go there yet. She'd just had a miscarriage and wasn't even fully recovered. So she went to the hotel, where her mom had just gotten back, and asked her mom if she could stay overnight. "I'll go to the airport," said her mom, "just bring your clothes." Lana would exploited black teens be taking off her underwear. 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