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Angela Kinsey was the first to really bring the adult world into my life. When she first started to do hardcore shoots, I wasn't that much of a fan. I was not too into the fact that she was in the nude, but that was just the way she made it for her work. At first she didn't really get my attention. She was just one of those porn stars you didn't really get too excited about. But then I discovered a bunch of things about her. Not only that she was the only pornstar I had seen with a great ass, but also she was doing some very erotic and kinky stuff, and I found that I loved that. One time she took me on a wild ride in the shower and I couldn't get enough of her. The next day I took her on a ride in the car, and I enjoyed every second of that, even though we had a long way to go before I was even allowed to see her. And then we had sex, and it was one of the best sex I had ever had, and it was really fun. I don't know what it was about her, but I loved her. 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