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1. What did you like the most about her?

I found her cute and cute at the same time. She seemed to have a lot of personality and an interest in sex and being intimate with me. She was cute, sweet and easy to talk to. The only thing I didn't like was that she took off her top when we made love. I have no problem with a woman taking her clothes off in public but I have to be careful when I do it in front of a man because the thought of him seeing me naked is a taboo. Anyway I enjoyed the intimacy and being a part of it.

2. What did you hate the most about her?

She was too demanding. She would want to know how I wanted to be fucked and what kind of porn I wanted to watch. I don't have that problem with women, and I would never have the same expectations of a woman as an adult performer, so I am happy.

3. How was the sex?

The sex was great! It was long and passionate, but it was all I could handle, as she had a lot of experience with me and I was a bit nervous. She took me back to my room, I had no idea how to fuck my own room with a guy who didn't know how to fuck his own room, so I was scared to fuck. But I liked her roughness, she had a great body and she took me deep, deep. It was amazing.

4. What would you do if someone raped you?

I wouldn't scream, I wouldn't fight back. I would lesbian massage porn do everything to stop them, but I wouldn't tell anyone about it. I would pretend it was a dream, as I usually would, or I would tell a joke. The more I lied, the harder I felt to tell, but there was no way I could really stop a dream, and I really didn't want to find out the truth about this man. I would try to make it easier on him, so that it would be better for both of us.

5. What is the story behind the video

I was at gh spy a party where there was going to be an adult movie where a girl was going to go up to a guy and get fucked. I didn't really feel like going up there because I was so tired. I got up, put my camera in a bag and walked to the bathroom to get a drink of water. As I walked in the door of the bathroom, there was a guy in there with a towel over his face. He wasn't really making a move, but I was feeling really uncomfortable. I walked into the room to see the guy in the towel and he's just sitting there. I'm like, "What the hell, why don't you go out and take a shower." I went out and got in the shower. As I was washing myself, I was going to go back into the room and get my camera and see what he was doing. He kept telling me, "I can't help you, I don't know who you are. You're an angel." I said, "I missionary porn don't know anything about you." He kept saying, "I'm not going to tell you that, it's none of your business. Don't be so dramatic." The first time I heard the words "angelina valentine" was a year and a half ago. I had no idea who this guy was. I didn't know what to think, I just wanted to take a shower. So I went alycia starr back into the room and got my camera.

I thought it was just a weird name, but it seemed to fit his personality. "It's nice to meet you," he said. And he started talking to me in my ear. He wasn't making conversation. He was just talking to me. I think I was more nervous then. And when he asked ebony creampie me where I lived, it seemed so obvious that he was looking for someone glamour porn in the suburbs, just a regular person. I was just really scared, because I knew that he was probably going to try to hook me up with someone. He wanted to meet up at my house, in my car, with me in the passenger seat.

So I got out of the car, and we walked to my neighbor's house. I had my phone with me. I looked up, and he was still in the car. I was kind of freaked out. And I went back to my house. I went over to the front door, I opened it up, and I was like, I'm not letting this man in. This is not a good time for us. So I locked the door. And I called 911. I was so scared. I was like, we have to leave right now. My husband's like, "Mom, if he tries to take my guns, I'm gonna get shot. And I'm so scared."

And my friend is like, "No, honey, don't worry. Don't worry. Don't worry."

I don't even know how to describe it. I'm sure this is going to be very triggering to people, but I'm going to tell you the exact details of it. We were so scared. We left our car there, because it's in our bedroom, and we were like, "No, honey, we are not going to go anywhere." We were terrified, and it was so weird. But then I looked at my phone, and I saw a Facebook update about an interview, where they were like, "Well, if you're really afraid of what you're about to see, you can watch it on your phone." And we were like, "Oh my God. Yeah, you're right. You're right, we're going to watch it."

So I katherine waterston nude watch it and I'm thinking, I want to fuck that bitch. I'm thinking, "How the fuck am I supposed to do that? I'm going to have to do some research. I'm going to Google angelina valentine," but then I look at the date, and I was like, "What? You've got to be kidding me. I've been there!"


AVC: I think the most amazing thing about your character is that she's a real girl—an actress, if you will—and she's still very, very sexy and a real flirt, so it's hard to figure out what's really going on.

MW: I totally understand it, I really do. It's just that it's hard to watch. I feel like I want to be there for the character, but at the same time, she's not there to see it. She's trying to focus on her work and her career, and she's not doing it for me.

AVC: It feels like you're taking on a lot of responsibility. MW: Absolutely. I think the biggest misconception about Angelina is that she's a "girly porn star," which is absolutely not true. She's a very serious actress, and it's easy to lose perspective when it comes to her being "girly." I think her most striking attribute is that she doesn't give a shit about being sexy or sexy for her body. She's a hard worker. I think her first film, which is probably what she'd most liked to be doing, she's an actor who's so good with her mouth that she's able to bring out a real performance when she's acting. It's like, I could say a lot more if I didn't have to keep saying "sex-y." I think she has a kind of authenticity that she has never had in porn. She's just so confident that you don't see her acting, you don't hear her talking, you just feel her presence, even though she's very well-endowed, in the right places, in the right frame of mind. She was so much fun in the first scene, I actually fell asleep in the booth right there and then. She was amazing. She's an incredible performer.

So you're not a "big girl porn star" at all. You're actually a small girl porn star. Yes. You can find more info on AngelinaValentine and her work on her web page. Also, there's a "big girls porn star" video of her at this link. You're a sex slave. And the bigger and more famous your porn career is, the more the people will make fun of you and treat you like a slave. So I'm saying this for you. Just like the people who try to call this "big tits" porn are doing, you're making fun of yourself by trying to be larger than yourself. Just as you're being bullied into doing a scene with a girl who's too big to have any sex at all, you're being teased into having an act that you'll never have the opportunity to do.

Your body doesn't give a damn about what you do on camera. It's too busy thinking about all the hot girls who will love it. And the fact that it doesn't care is why a lot of people think you're ugly and a total slut. So I'm going to tell you that the reason why porn stars like you are being called out is because of the way your body is being treated. There is no shame in being big and in not being ashamed. Your body is fine just the way it is. Don't take what I said so personally, you're just going to have to deal with it. And don't believe everything that the internet tells you, you can also find out what you want on your own. And lastly, please don't judge me for what I think. The reality is that the people who get all up in arms about what people do in front of porn stars are usually the same people who have the biggest problem with how you view them. People who don't like that you're using them for your entertainment and for being a part of your life. I know it is easy for you to put someone's privacy at risk by saying "I'm just not sure what you're doing in front of that." That's why I am trying to set up a list of the sites you can visit and the content you can find. I have listed some of the sites below. If you have your own site, I don't want to be able to tell you to leave it there, because I can't tell you how much I would enjoy it if I could access that. The sites will be alphabetical and by category, and links will be on the right side of the screen. There will be a short description of the site and the categories will be labeled as well. I will add a link to each of the categories and each link will lead to a page with information on that specific site, and more if it is applicable. It will be up to you how you want to put it together. The links are the ones that I have provided, so you can leave the rest to me. There will be pictures, so you can find pictures of each of the girls and links to their personal pages and blog entries. I will have a "New Porn Stars" category to start off with, and will add more and more categories as I go along. I will add links to each category, as well as links to blog entries and more if they are applicable. I will not put up any links to the "Naughty" category unless I find a site that has some nudes in there. That is for porn-bloggers. I will try to make sure that there is a link to each of the porn sites that I find. I have found several that do have some nudes there, and you can use them to look for other porn sites.