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Ashley Scott is from Toronto. She grew up in Canada. She got her start in porn as a teenager. She started in the adult industry in 2002. She had a small role in some movies for several years. She was in the porn industry until 2008. When she retired she went to school and then decided to be a teacher. Now she is in school for a degree in communication. Ashley Scott has been in the adult industry for over ten years. She started off in porn. She is one of the most popular porn stars today. She is really into the outdoors. You can see her in all kinds of shoots. The most recent work she did was in the XXX movie "Dirty Girls" Ashley Scott has done porn-related shoots in a number of movies. She has also done adult-comedy movies. She also did a movie in 2006 for a company called "Dirty Girls" - which was her first porn-movie. She is very open about her past. In the past she has said that she used to be a porn-star in her twenties, and that her "first real scene" was when she was 18. In her second movie she does a hardcore sex scene for a company called "Girls" (a new adult-company that also produced the movie for Dirty Girls). And the last time she appeared in dragon ball super hentai porn was in 2008 for the site "Girls & Boys". There were some photos taken in this porn-film from 2005, and she even said that she was 17. I guess she's trying to come out of her past, even if it was very ugly.