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This bra is a padded bra and has a padded shoulder strap. There is a nice little hook for the shoulder straps to be on. This is a great bra for anyone who doesn't want to feel restricted while wearing bras. This is a bra which is designed for the female form. There are three hooks and eyes on the straps, two eyes at the back and a strap. The front of the bra is a bit more shallow than the rear, but there is a very subtle lift from the underwires. The cups are padded with a very soft material. I don't wear many full sizes and this was a great option for me. The wires are very narrow which gives a bit of lift, but I would consider adding a cup size if I am trying to lift the straps. There is also an elastic band on the front which is adjustable for size. This was not a bra I ever really liked, I was very sensitive to it when I first got it.

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