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Betsy's Bikini is an adult video star and nude model from South Florida and she is known by the name of Betsy. Betsy's Bikini is a porn star who has worked in over 40 studios since 2005. She has over 1,000,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. Her videos have been viewed more than 9 million times on her website. Betsy has been known as one of the most popular porn stars in the industry. Betsy's Bikini has been featured in a multitude of videos on various adult websites such as Tube7, XTube and PornHub. She also works in the adult entertainment industry as a model and actor. Her adult acting career has included several high profile double dildo films such as Pornhub's "Porny Princess", FTV Girls' "Featuring Pornstar Betsy", FTV's "Ride The Fucking Train" and a bunch of porn videos on FTV Girls and XTube. She is known for her passion for her career in porn. Her passion for acting, dancing and performing in films and films have made her one of the hottest women in the industry. In a previous article, Betsy was known as the "Betsy of the world" and we bbw booty would be honored if you would share her story with us. Please visit this porn-blog article to learn more about her porn-career and porn-star journey.

Betsy is a real-life sex-pilot. She is an avid lover of flying and her passion for flying is evident in her life. She has always had a desire to learn and practice her craft and has a passion for becoming a successful pilot. This passion and enthusiasm have resulted in her becoming an accomplished and successful adult-pilot. She also has the talent of being able to perform in a variety of adult-related roles such as model, actor, actress, porn star and hostess. Betsy has starred in many porn films and video games. Her real-life experience is far different than what you see in her video and photographs and it is the result of her many years of practice. As a performer, she enjoys being in front of the camera and has no problem with being nude. She also loves making people feel sexy while she does it.

Betty's Career

Betsy grew up in the small town of St. Charles, Illinois. Betsy has had a love-hate relationship with her parents. She never fully understood why her parents did not have her into a higher education or the arts as her father was a writer and editor and her mother was a teacher. Betsy's father would go out of his way to get her into things such as acting lessons or acting, music or modeling. He would even put on a show at her high school prom or make up her grades. She would get her acting and music lessons from her father while being able to take them all at her own pace. Her father would help her with the homework and did not want her to have to work or go to school. Betsy's father would spend an hour on the computer or work on his car or at his business or even make her tea or coffee while she would be doing chores or doing something else he would like. This gave Betsy the confidence to walk around in clothes, get a girlfriend, become a model and even have sex. Betsy was always very shy but always had her dad's approval. She was very polite and quiet and her father loved to see her be himself. He was very proud of Betsy and she never spoke out against him. It was his decision to be her father and Betsy would have no regrets. He always gave his daughter a good education and would not interfere in her life at all. This is not a porn-blog article.

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