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Nude Pornstar Gia DiMarco, 22, from San Antonio, Texas, has got a small but growing fan-base of viewers for her hardcore scenes. Gia DiMarco has appeared on the web sites sex indian video like Hustler and Xbiz, as well as on the film production company Big Brother Productions and on the Adult Television show Big Brother USA, as well as the HBO series Big Brother: Over The Top. Gia is an award winning, porn-star turned star. Her first movie, "Vagina", was released on September 25, 2003 and was the first in the Big Brother series. She is known for having a very nice ass and a very sexy body.

In October 2002, Gia was nominated for "Big Brother" in the public sex porn category of "The Best Butt." She was a close runner-up to her competition, Kelsi Monroe, who was also nominated for her butt. In 2003, Gia appeared in her second "Vagina" movie, "The Best Butt 2". She is the first anal porn star ever to have her own video on DVD! In 2004, Gia began doing a variety of sex acts for the cameras. First, she was the winner of the anal sex category, beating out her competition, Kelsi Monroe. Then in 2005, she took home the Best Butt, again, to beat out Kelsi's competition. In 2006, she starred in a few videos, the most notable of which was her video "Titties in the Bathtub". In 2007, she released her second DVD, "Big Sister - Gia Goes Solo." In 2007, Gia starred in another porn DVD called "The Best Butt 2." This DVD was an anal sex parody of "The Big Brother". In 2008, Gia was on the cover of Playboy, which is the biggest magazine in the world! Gia's sex tape and sex movies are well known for their explicit sex scenes, but what made the videos so great was that they were often shot in 3D, which made it very hot! In 2009, Gia made a porn video in which she was the best butt and had a blowjob and anal sex scene. It was called "Bareback - Gia Goes Solo", and was a very hot sex video! In 2010, Gia released a sex tape called "Dirty Girl". The video was very similar to her previous sex video, "Best Butt 2". In 2011, Gia made a porn movie called "Dirty Girl II". The movie was filmed on a real anal sex film set, and Gia was also seen wearing a very sexy yellow bikini. It is unknown if there is a sequel to this film or not. Gia's porn movies were the top daisy ridley nude selling porn videos for a very long time. She was the number one anal performer in the world and is a famous porn star. Gia has also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In 2009, Gia released her first movie with her new boyfriend, Chris. It was a very hot sex video called "I'm Fucked and I Love It". In 2010, Chris and Gia were married. In 2011, Gia had a daughter, named Madison. In 2012, Chris had an affair with Gia and had a son named Tyler. He had a second child in 2013. In 2013, the couple broke up. In 2014, Chris and Gia had another child, a daughter. In 2014, Gia's father died of a heart attack while Chris was living with Gia's mother. In 2015, Chris, who is now 35, was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois, and his license was suspended. In 2016, Gia became pregnant again and Chris was convicted of a felony and sentenced to two years in prison.

After a year of incarceration, Chris was released, and Gia had the child with a new boyfriend, a man named Justin. The couple married in February of 2017, and shortly afterwards, the new baby girl was born. After a few months, Justin and Gia divorced, but that didn't mean the relationship with their daughter ended. That baby was named Olivia, which is blonde sex one of Chris' sons. Chris is currently in the process of moving out of the family home and into an apartment, while Olivia is in foster care in New Jersey. Chris and Gia's son, who is currently 11, was born on June 30, 2017. That is quite a lot of time for a child, so to say Chris and Gia are very excited about this is an understatement. After the divorce, Chris was back in prison, and now Gia, and her two children are living in foster care. When I asked him about his life before kitty foxx the breakup, he mentioned a lot of sex, but nothing like that really happened. He also said he was very good at being a father, which was very unusual for someone who is usually quite an attention seeker. The kids seem to like him, and he seems like a nice guy.

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