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You've also said that you're into some "daddy issues". Who is this guy that you've had a crush on for a while and you have been in a relationship with for a couple years?

I've had a couple of daddies, but none that have been as kind as you. When I was 18 I got a girlfriend that I'd always wanted. I think she was the one for me. I'd go to her house on weekends when I was 17, it's where my real first love was at the time. I thought it was perfect for me, I was so happy, it was like the perfect man. It wasn't the ideal life, but it was the life I knew I wanted to be in, I'd had girlfriends before but none as special as this one. I wasn't the best at it, we were always fighting but she'd always have her way and I would always want to be better, she had always been so good to me. It's just one of those things, you feel so lucky to have this, when I saw that she had been on a couple of websites and got to know her in real life, I thought to myself, "she must be my kind of girl". At the time she had just started dating my father's brother, I had to go to him with my concerns about her. He told me she was a great girl and he loved her so much, he wouldn't let her use any internet porn, he couldn't believe he was such a bad man and I could get to see her like that. My dad had been to her house before and saw her in action, and he knew I liked porn, I was so lucky to have her. He wanted to do anything for me, but I told him it was for me and I didn't want anything from him, he just kept thinking I'd like it if she did something with her new boyfriend. I didn't want to go to him if he didn't, so I left. So she told me how she had to go out and do a sex job to help me pay for her to get home and I knew she'd be really happy about it. He was like, "that's great, I like that" and I knew she had been doing porn for a while, she was so nervous about it, I think she felt that she could do whatever she wanted to her boyfriend. She told me the story that she did it linda cardellini nude a long time ago, that she had this mature xxx huge crush on him for a while but he wouldn't go to bed with her and when she told him she was sick of him he told her he would fuck her but that he'd go get help if she ever came over. He said she xxxhd wanted to fuck him, he said it would be cool, he'd be happy to see her. And she agreed and got in the car with him. She told me he had a big cock, he was really big and she loved him, she told me all the stories about him and how he liked to suck her pussy and stuff. And when she asked him to fuck her, she had to get the guy in her. She said she got it in her pussy and he started thrusting in and out. Then he got into a big rhythm and she was like, "fuck, fuck, fuck". When she told him that it wasn't her pussy he told her that he was going to fuck her. She was so excited she was bouncing up and down on him. Finally he pulled out and said, "no, no, no, it's my dick, you can't have it". Then he grabbed her hand and held it to his dick. She was like "okay" and she grabbed his cock and pushed him in. She was super horny and had a hardon. Then he took her and went right back to fucking her. This was a pretty big orgasm, and it felt like it was going to go on forever. He had a hardon for another minute or two. The girls said the same thing as well. They were like "oh my god" and "oh my god that felt good" and he was like "yeah that's all" and they were all just talking to each other, and then they all decided they were done for that day.

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Miley Cyrus"] [/caption] So how does a girl like Miley Cyrus come up with these kind of ideas? I think she has a lot of people who support her. She's very open with her fans, very supportive of them. I think she really wants to help them. She's very good friends with some people from the adult industry, like Nikki Glaser. It's very clear to her that porn is a huge part of her life and she wants to help that part of it grow. She also has really big ambitions of becoming a model. She's a great talent. She's a very talented model, so that's what we're talking about. She wants to be one of those top models in the adult industry.

And now this is Nikki Glaser. I mean, the whole interview is really about her dreams and what she wants to do with her life. I mean, it's an amazing interview. We're talking about how she's an amazing girl. She's a model and all that. And she's so talented, so inspiring. She's so intelligent and she's funny, so sweet.

You know, I mean, I mean, we're all a little bit like her, right? So we're all gonna be there. But it's a very different kind of interview.