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What kind of porn do you find?

I love it. I really like the way he talks. You know, it's kind of like a lot of guys do. They're kind of quiet, but they have their jokes, they can talk to you about what they're doing, and they really care about you. I think that's why they have sex so much.

Are there any other performers you find attractive? I think I have a few. I find some of them to be very attractive and a little bit cute. But I think all performers are different. Sometimes the things you find attractive are more superficial than sexual. I find a lot of sex-stars to be pretty normal people who just like to have sex, but they can do weird stuff, like being really into their boobs. The way they move their boobs around, they're so sexual, but when they're on camera, they're just being themselves. I mean, that's kind of their charm, but I find some to be very attractive. Some of them are just fun.

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