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This is what I found.

What I did know about porn in the years since is that if someone told you porn is a form of entertainment that you can do as long as you don't mind, that was bullshit. It's a thing that you do. I know this, because I did porn, and even if I didn't, I'm not really proud of it. I have no doubt in my mind that I've done porn with other people that I'd rather not know, but it was more than that. I knew about porn as a hobby for many years, and I never thought I'd do it as a job. So I did it. The porn that I have posted is not porn that was done for sexual pleasure. It's porn done for the pleasure of the people that watch it. I'm not going to say that this is not pornography, because it is, and it's very popular. The only way I can say that is because it's not what people expect when they think of porn. The idea of watching someone else do what you are going to do in real life is not what they expect. And it's not what the porn industry or the porn stars, nor the people that are involved in it, expect. It was not something we wanted to do. I can't think of another industry in the world that would do something amature allure like this.

You said that you didn't want the scene to be a surprise to anyone. How long did it take you to get a shot? The first time it was almost like a scene that I had read before. I knew that I was going to be doing a scene, but I didn't think that I would be in it, so that was a little bit of a surprise for me. But you just get used to it pretty quickly.

How did you learn about the shoot? It was mostly through word of mouth. One of the girls in the shoot, Taryn, mentioned that it was about the Brandy's (in the scene). I had never heard of Brandy, but from the description that I read it seemed like it could be really, really good. And that's exactly what it turned out to be. How long did you shoot for? It took me around 10 hours. I shot the scene with about 4 of the girls and 2 of the camera guys. I was actually doing a side-by-side edit with the girls, so the whole time I was sitting there editing. What was your take away from the shoot? When I filmed the scene I had been thinking about my daughter, which is why I put up my camera and had a camera phone. I love the fact that all the girls were like sisters. There were a few that had been on the scene before, but they are all so young now, so it was nice to see them together. Did you use makeup? My makeup was done by the girls. I'm not an expert makeup artist, but I used eye shadow and lip gloss. I used a lot of different products to make them look cute. Are you a model? I've always been into modeling. I've had modeling work in the past, so it's not like I have no experience with it. Can you tell us what your favorite foods are? My favorite foods are fish and chicken, as well as a few of the salads I make at home. What do you like to do for fun? I like to go to the beach. How can you say no to me? I'm not really into that kind of stuff. Are you into girls in high heels? Yeah, they are pretty hot. Do you have an iPhone? Yeah, I do, I have my friends who have one. I have them turn it on and I can listen to music, watch movies, and have my music on for when I go to bed. Do you have a boyfriend? No, and I don't need to because I get to watch what I want on my own time. What's the best advice you ever got for getting off? The best advice was just to watch porn! There are lots of people on YouTube who can help you out, and there are other people out there who can't help you. That's not really advice, it's just how it works. Do you want to fuck? Yes! Fuck and all that jazz! What do you do in bed with your boyfriend? I get my laptop and I watch a movie or something. Then I go to sleep. Do you ever cheat on your boyfriend? No, but I'm not a really good lover. I have really bad erections and when I've cum, I get really weak and weak and weak. I really hope I can get my erections up soon. Otherwise I'll have to do it myself. What's the best piece of clothing? Tee's, shorts, shirts, pants, and skirts. But what about the sexy little panties you buy for the gym? They're pretty comfortable and a little bit hot. They do keep you warm, though. What is the greatest trick you've ever learned? You can use these in place of a condom or a lube, but they are not that great. The texture of the materials is a little off, which causes a lot of leakage. The cotton has a tendency to become a little greasy after just a few days of use. There is also the fact that they come in different shades of pink and sometimes you can't tell if you've been using one for more than a week or two. There are also the many "treats" and creams that are available for purchase at the drug store, though these are a bit more expensive. I haven't yet tried a lot of these things though, since I've only been able to afford a couple of them. Still, these are very cool, though! You can read more about brandy taylor on her site. I love the fact that you can't tell whether you're using a condom or lube with these. There are a ton of different types and you can mix them up. I really like that they're super affordable and the variety is pretty amazing! I'm so glad that I decided to purchase these since I have had some pretty bad experiences with lube, and these are really great for me! I'd definitely recommend these for someone who wants the ability to choose the right size and feel in order to chloe nicole enjoy their sexual experience! As you might be able to tell, I've been using these for about a week or two now, and I really enjoy them. I'm not really a fan of silicone based lubes. There are definitely some things that I don't like about silicone lubes, such as the fact that they tend to be a little more slick and slippery. I've always used silicone based lubes because I found that the amount of friction they bet lynch provided was great, but I've recently realized that my lube preference may change.