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I found this site because I was looking for something to read and I came across a porn-blog article. The description on this page says, "An online encyclopedia of adult movies, magazines and images, with a huge selection of adult movies and pictures." That's pretty cool. But I don't have anything to read, and I'm just going to click on the "Sign Up Now" button. When I do, I'll get this screen: I'm thinking that it's probably some kind of email list. I've checked it a couple of times, and it's pretty long, but I don't see anything about this site. I click on it, and get to this screen: "You've signed up for our newsletter. We will send you a link to our newsletter." I get this: "You have received a newsletter from our website. Click on the link to sign up for our newsletter." "And then we get to the page, "Here are the latest updates on Brazer Porn." And this is what it looks like:

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