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Why do you want to do porn? It all depends on you. You may not need to be a pornographic star. I know , I know. "I'll just do it for the money!" No. The truth is that you have to earn your money. I've never met a real porn star who would be comfortable taking home her pay. The majority of porn stars make money off the porn stars they star in. It's not a matter of "if," it's a matter of "when."

There are a lot of ways that adult content sites get money. Some of them, like PornHub, are very profitable. Others, like Blueapron, have never even done business in this market, but are trying their best to do something about it. Blueapron is a very old company, and they've had a lot of problems with piracy, and other issues in the past. However, I'm talking about adult content in this article, not porn.

The first thing that I wanted to know about is who Blueapron was. So, in a moment, I want to explain a bit about Blueapron's history.

Blueapron was founded in 2001 by Paul S. Kennedy. It's founders have worked together for years on various projects (including the popular porn blog PornHub ). They are both experts in the world of adult entertainment and they were able to develop a very successful niche site that was able to get its users hooked. They started off with a few videos of guys doing a sex toy and the other video would include a little clip from a different performer, usually a female. Blueapron was able to create its niche to the extent that it became the #1 adult site in the world with more than 11 million unique visitors a month. So in the beginning, what kind of content did the site produce? Well, the first video featured a guy performing oral sex on a woman who then proceeded to eat some chocolate cake. Then the video continued with an interracial porn star, as well as a woman who got fucked in a public restroom. Then, a couple of days after that, they released an adult short with a group of people playing with sex toys. Later on, they also released a sex tape with the lead performer playing with a vibrator. Later on, they were able to release two more videos that featured some hot couples having sex. There was also a video that showed a guy being penetrated by a vibrator while he was being fucked by another guy. So you get the idea. After that, they got the content produced a bit more adult, and in one video they had a guy wearing an apron and a condom and sucking a man's dick. Then they released a new video where they had a couple of couples having sex and showing off the cum they've gotten from sex toys. It wasn't the most explicit video, but it showed off their experience more than any of the other videos did.

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