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Charlo Theron: "This is one of my personal favourite pics of my nude, which is pretty much the exact same one that is on this site." She continues to explain what makes it so special. "That was just a day in a country that I have never been, it's one of my favorite pictures in my life. It's not one of those sexy images you see every day; this was special to me in the way that my mother's wedding pictures are special. That's all this was, just another day of my life with the one I love the most. I am very grateful."

Charlo Theron's personal favourite nude picture is a personal favourite of hers. Theron is one cobie smulders hot of her personal favourite performers, and the type of porn star who is so passionate about her work she's willing to let the world know. This picture is about Charlo and the reason why it's so special to her. Theron says she doesn't mind nudity because it's a way of expressing herself and a way of showing off her skills in the industry. "A lot of times you don't even see them doing it," she says of her fellow porn stars. "But I think the more naked I get, the more I get exposed. I think that's one of my goals for this year, to show off the more nude I get."

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