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Charmaine Sinclair (age 15)

I was looking for a new website. A site where I can have mmsbee my fun, with my friends, and to share the stories that I have been enjoying over the years. I came across one of my favorite websites, and a few days later I was browsing the page looking for something special. As I searched the website I saw a photo of a pretty girl with big blue eyes. The first thing that popped into my head was that she is 18. She is also an erotic model! I didn't believe it at first and I tried to find her page, but when I did I saw that she was already gone! I was a little shocked to see that she was also a porn star! I didn't know what to do with this information. Then I remembered the fact that she had been featured in an adult site and I immediately knew she was the girl for me. I wanted to meet up with her and tell her all about the wonderful world of sex. I quickly took the opportunity and called her. It was a good thing I had made it as my first call because I had a lot to do. My mind was blown by her. She was extremely sexy and her body was perfect. She was just the right age. I thought she was just as hot as her picture and her voice was perfect. I was really impressed. I was on the phone with her for a few days and had her fill me in on the other stuff. She said she loved the internet. She used it to have fun. She also said she didn't want to spend too much time on it, but it was all she wanted. She even said she had a favorite site, so if she wanted to see more then she could always click on that link, she had it on her phone.

I talked to her about the other stuff that she does on the internet and she told me she had just gone through the site and it was really great. She showed me all the pictures of her, and then I went through the pages, it wasn't as big as some of the other sites but it was all pretty great. She said she would love to get a bigger site and get the big girl's site she wanted, but her other site was a little big for her. So we talked about all of that. She said she has had a little bit of a big-girl fetish, which she doesn't really need. She didn't really need it for herself, but it really made her feel good. She wanted to have more. Her parents thought it was really interesting, so she had some very deep conversations with her mother about it. She said it wasn't a big thing for her, she just enjoyed the attention. She didn't want it to be too much, so she didn't have a lot of friends. She didn't really like being called a cuckold, and thought it was very inappropriate.

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