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The author is a blogger and a sex educator. He is also the editor of A Sex Education Blog, a blog dedicated to the study of sex and sexuality. He has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has been working on sex education online since the summer of 2009, when he began to write for a blog titled A Sex Education Blog. He currently lives in California.

His mission is to help students understand the intricacies of sex education, and to spread the information that can help them make good decisions when it comes to sex. He has been writing about sex and sexuality for years, and has been featured in many local newspapers, magazines and online.

His articles cover topics like: sexual safety; masturbation techniques; chastity; the sex education industry; and the role of teachers and parents in educating children.

In a typical day he works to keep his blog up to date with new articles.

I have never met anyone more dedicated and professional, and the man is incredibly hard to ignore when he speaks. I have also never met a guy who is so humble and good-humored, which is something I have always admired about him.

When he is not blogging about his adventures, he can be found at home in a basement in a small town in Kentucky surrounded by his two dogs. In the kitchen he makes homemade mac and cheese, a healthy, cheap dinner for his family.

In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, reading holly peers and watching movies.

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