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In the beginning of the 19th century, a massage was a major activity in the Chinese countryside. This massage consisted of rubbing the patients' backs and legs with oil, usually with a soft wooden spoon, and using hot water to massage the back of the patients' legs. It was a practice that was often done without anesthesia in rural communities, and it was called "ching yu hu". In 1866, Ching Yu Hua (1844-1913), a Chinese masseur, wrote his book on massage, called "Jie hu" (The Art of Massage) and introduced a new approach to massage that later became popular in China. He introduced a whole new concept of massage, which today is called "chi chi" or Chinese massage, a concept that is still very prevalent in Chinese culture. "Chi chi" means "self-care", which refers to being aware of how your body is doing. In order to keep yourself in tip-top shape, you must have self-awareness, and so you must focus on yourself in order to make the most of your body. This is known as "chin chung" or "chin-chi-ing". And here is how to do it: 1) Put your hands on your feet, palms down. 2) Press down with your palms. 3) Keep pressing, but only do this for 10-15 seconds. The closer you can do this, the more intense and better your massage will be. 4) Hold your palms for 30 seconds. 5) Now, you should be very relaxed. 6) You can start playing with your partner's genitals to get their body aroused. 7) After that, move your partner's arms behind their head and hold it there for 30 seconds. 8) Keep doing this for the next 15 seconds. 9) Now, take a shower, and after washing your body, let's do a quick warm-up. 10) Go to your favorite sex-magazine and buy a soft-porn magazine. 11) Read and masturbate until you are very horny and very horny, but not so horny that you need to use the restroom. 12) After that, get ready for another massage, and then go to the room where your partner is. 13) Put a towel on your head, and put on your favorite outfit. 14) Start moaning and groaning and you're almost there! 15) When you're almost there, do it again! 16) Now, when you're ready, get on your hands and knees, and give your partner a big, slow massage. 17) Put the towel down, and start rubbing your body with your hands. 18) When you're finished, rub your partner's back and give him a big, slow rub. 19) Now, after you're done, start to suck and lick your partner's nipples. 20) While you're doing it, keep a hand on your partner's back. 21) Your partner will probably be a little confused and have a hard time keeping his hands on the table. 22) When your partner is about to orgasm, start licking his pussy, which should be very wet. 23) After you've finished, you can grab your partner's ass and pull him toward you. 24) As you get close to the final blowjob, rub his clit with your tongue. 25) Now, pull your partner to you and kiss him. 27) When you're done, go back to your partner and put your head in his pussy for a final kiss. 28) You can also do oral on your partner. 29) After your partner has cum, you can grab his cock again and start licking his dick. 30) Repeat with his cock. 31) Repeat with his balls. 32) Make lzzy hale nude him cum in you until he cums.

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