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She was active in various socialist and feminist organizations, including the National Association of Women Voters, and the Women's Social and Political Union. She was also a member of the Socialist Party. The two children she had with her husband had no male figure in their lives, but they did have a dog named George, who was also a devoted animal lover. At the age of 32, Charlotte married George. However, they had an unhappy and rocky marriage, with Charlotte suffering depression and George suffering an inability to feel the love Charlotte once felt for him. By the time of their divorce, Charlotte had abandoned the socialist movement in favor of anarchism. She went on to marry her third husband in 1914, but did not see her husband again until 1918. She gave birth to their third child in February of that year. She then went on to have five more children, each of whom were adopted. Charlotte was a great mother and did a great job raising her family. She had a great sense of humor and was quite the ladies' man. She was also a www.eros devoted churchgoer, regularly attending church services and spending time with hd mature tube her husband and their family. Charlotte had five children with her third husband. Her oldest son, William Arthur Wu, was adopted by William Arthur, Jr. (he was also adopted by her step-daughter). William Arthur and his wife were very loving parents to the five children that Charlotte had. William Arthur (father of Charlotte Wu) and his step-son were very well known in the world of public life. They were highly decorated and were highly regarded in the community and the world at large. William Arthur Wu was also an accomplished artist and sculptor. He had designed many fine items for the public.

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