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It is true that this is the largest sex-positive community in the country. There is sex-positive education, sex-positive parenting, sex-positive pornography, and sex-positive relationships.

"Sex-positive people, and anyone who does not live in a society that has been built around sexual exploitation and domination, should be aware that sex-positive attitudes are still an ongoing struggle and that there are many people who are still in a state of denial." – David L. Williams

We are all sexual, but only a select few understand that the "sex-positive" community is just the beginning of a much larger movement that will make all sexual activities safe and respectful.

"The sex-positive movement in Cincinnati is still new, but in a good way. I think that there are still very few sex-positive people in the area. It is an issue with the media and not the movement itself. So, it is important for people to know that we're here." – Mary

"I think that the sex-positive movement, as it is currently established, can be called an underground movement, because it is not mainstream.

"We are a group of people who are having this conversation, and the more mainstream it gets, the more we'll know it needs to be mainstreamed. We will be the ones to open it up and make it more open.

"Sex positive doesn't mean no sex, it just means no sex outside of a relationship, which is what the majority of the population really is. We're not talking about hooking up with strangers.

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