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So, I know it's a lot of information to take in, so here are some of the things you might marsha may want to know. If you're looking to find out more about fursuits and furries, check out the furry section on the Sex & Nudity blog. I wrote about furries in depth a while back. If you're really interested in seeing a furry movie, you can check out these articles:

If you're interested in what sex is all about and how it is viewed from a social standpoint, I have a post that will explain this concept in a pretty much non-explicit way. There's a lot of misinformation out there on the internet on how people are supposed to enjoy sex. I'd like to clarify that there is no "right" way to have sex and that you should enjoy yourself, even if you don't find yourself in a sexual relationship. There is nothing wrong with having a sexual relationship with someone that you find attractive. You are not being selfish if you find someone attractive. There is a great book that I highly recommend, that describes in detail what makes up a good relationship and what makes someone a good lover, called "The Art of Fielding." In it, he talks about the most important elements of a sexual relationship. It should be said here that the following list is not comprehensive; it's only for my own personal enjoyment. 1. You should never, ever, ever be pressured into having sex or having a relationship with anyone you don't find attractive. 2. You should always make your decisions with an open mind. 3. If you decide to be with someone you're not compatible with, take their word for it. 4. There's nothing wrong with liking a lot of different people. 5. No matter how much you think you know someone, don't make a big deal out of it. 6. Never underestimate how much people can change if they put their mind to it. 7. If you have to, make an appointment with the therapist. You're not going to win an argument with your therapist (or your partner), but you are going to win the trust of the person you're talking to. If you're going to go down that path, make the time and go to a place where it's a safe place to have it. 8. Remember that you have a right to your privacy and dignity. It's perfectly normal to want to know about someone else's personal life. But it's not normal to tell them things that are private to you. If your partner wants to know more about you, that's fine. If she wants to know how you are doing or have other questions, you're welcome to talk to her in that way, too. But don't take things too far and go beyond that. 9. Don't take her to sex parties. This isn't your partner's "thing", and if you want to, go ahead and arrange some time for her to go to some parties. But don't invite her to any of her boyfriends' parties, or any other group of men's friends who go to parties together. Again, this is not an invitation to get together, but it is a reminder to keep her away from that sort of thing. 10. Don't put anything in front of her. As with any relationship, your partner is entitled to privacy. If she decides to talk about you, and you don't want to listen, don't put any type of thing in front of her. 11. Don't go over sex. No matter how much you want to make love, don't overdo it. You need to go slow and build up the anticipation. A little bit at a time helps. 12. Don't talk about her. If sexy teacher you do, you're in for a bad time. Don't ask her out. No one wants to ask a girl out unless you're not into it and you need the attention. If you're interested in her, tell her that you like her. But no talking about you. Don't take pictures of her. You're not going to get any good shots out of her body. She's just a body. That's it. Just like when you were in a club and you couldn't get a picture of the stripper because you couldn't see her legs, don't talk to her. If you do, tell her she's beautiful. Do what you have to do. The best advice I can give is, don't ever talk to the girl you like, that you want to bang. I promise I won't tell anyone. She's not hot enough for you.

4. It's okay to think about someone else's orgasm in the car. I have been reading about how women are just too scared of being fucked to be bothered with a man's orgasm. But I think that this is a bit of a problem. Yes, the female orgasm is important. Yes, a woman's orgasms are often more intense than a man's. But a woman's orgasm isn't the only thing that matters. There's also what men do with their sexual energy. Is it better to masturbate to a woman? If so, then I have to admit that this article is quite entertaining. This is what women do. This is what a woman can do. It's like saying "women are a special breed" or "women are the best." It's kind of a strange statement but maybe it's true. I don't know. All I know is that I found it amusing to see the same article with a different subheading. I don't want to sound like a sexual prude, but I'd prefer not to see another article that talks about masturbating to porn. There are two main reasons I don't like that topic. The first is the fact that if I saw a woman masturbating in the context of a real story, I might think it was porn, but it's not. I mean, I know a lot of girls that masturbate a lot, but it's lara croft rule 34 usually because they really want to, not because they're trying to. The second reason is that I don't like the whole porn-blah/blah/blah thing. I'm not against sex, or sex toys, or masturbation, or whatever you want to call it, because I think all that stuff is fine. But that doesn't mean that it's not something that can be done in a healthy way. You're reading my blog, after all, and I think the best way to have fun is to have fun. I don't want to make you think about sex in a porn-and-porn-y way, because I think that's just wrong. But if you do, then please don't use me as an excuse to avoid it. And please try to see it as a positive thing, not just a negative one.

The other reason I don't like the porn-blah/blah/blah thing, even though it's great for the Internet, is because it makes me feel more like a jerk. I don't want to be a jerk because it will cause problems, but because it's something I know how to deal with. It is a hard thing for me to deal with because I'm not the kind of guy who is willing to go down and spend a few hours trying to convince myself that I'm not a dick. But I don't sexy xxx really want to change myself, do I? I'd rather go down the rabbit hole with a bunch of people that love me, and I'm happy to spend my nights talking with them about my sex life. So I try to avoid porn and find some kind of other way of seeing myself, but it's not always that easy. So that's the other reason, right? To be a bit more human. I guess I have to admit that I'm really enjoying having people talk to me about my sex life. I find that it makes me happy. I guess, after all, that's the best way to get rid of the shame.