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I can't remember what the name of the porn star was, but he is the one in the picture below. He is called Misha. He is a professional hunter, but has not been active for quite a few years. He has done porn since 1997, he's a famous and well respected porn star, and has done videos for many popular adult websites. He is in his 20s, 6 feet tall, with short dark hair. His penis is 5 inches long. If you like hunting, you can find him on his official website. Misha's other videos and pics can be found on his porn blog. The picture on the right is from a video.

The video below is a video for Misha, which was made in 1999. It was part of a series of video about hunting and fishing. I think that this is very good! The music in the video is by a Czech band called "Něměnách" which means "to drink beer".

(You can find the music of this video on my website)

If you want to watch this video, you have to download the mp4 video. Click the image on the right to open the video. I have also made a description with the audio in English, but I think that you can learn a lot more about this video in Czech by watching it.

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