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I've written a few books on sex, and this was just one of those books. There are some really interesting facts in this, such as: 1. The average adult will have sex with a maximum of 9 or 10 times in their lifetime. 2. A woman's average age of sexual debut is 27-28, but she can be younger or older, depending on what they are doing. 3. In the past, only 8% of adult-performer websites were women. 4. In the last year, the average porn star's earnings have doubled. And the average cost to produce porn has dropped from $100K to $50K. 5. One in five women have had a relationship with an adult-film star. 6. In 2004, adult-film producers earned a gross of $8.7 million, with revenue of $10.5 million. 7. Adult films generated $2.2 billion dollars last year. 8. One of the largest porn studios was Liberty Media, which owns such adult brands as Reality Kings, Wicked Pictures, XXXX and Vivid, among others. 9. 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Tight as a Fetish The cuckold69 first thing that you want to do when starting out in this industry is learn how to properly use your hips. You don't want to try and fit in this industry as a "normal" woman, and you're not looking for that! If you can do a little more of that "normal" dance routine, this is more than likely what you'll end up doing. Most performers will have "tits" and "butt" lesbian8 which are pretty much interchangeable for some people. You want to be able to do the basics of posing with your butt as well. That said, don't do the same pose over and over, because it might get boring. You can easily learn to get creative with the way that you move your hips and your body in general when doing porn. It's important that you start doggy style porn out with a little more flexibility so that your hips won't be limited. 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