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Deep Fucking A lot of people think that deep fucking is just a lot of anal sex. That's not the case at all. The reason deep fisting works is that the anus is not only flexible, it also has a very special shape, and deep fisting requires a lot of muscle activity to get the proper leverage. This deep fisting technique can take you from a butt plug to a penis that's as big as a basketball. The deep-fucking method has a lot of possibilities. If you can get it right and practice it a lot, it will become a lot easier to deep fuck. sex with aunt Here's what you'll need: A lot of water and a small bowl to submerge the cock. A water bottle with a rubber band to hang the penis from, and an empty plastic bottle. A rubber glove to hold the penis in place. A rubber hose that will connect the bottle and the water, and a large rubber tube with a plug in it. If you don't have any of those things, then you can make your own. If you have a big kitchen, it should also be able to fit in a small sink or bathtub. If you're not comfortable doing that, then you can use your kitchen appliances, such as a microwave or stovetop. Make sure that the water isn't too cold. A rubber glove will help you stay warm. Make sure that your toy is sturdy enough, and not too hard to bend. Use your best judgment. The purpose of deep-fucking porn is to make you feel violated and violated in your own body. If you can't handle that, you should probably just look elsewhere.

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