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I am an adult blogger and porn star! I'm a sex-positive bisexual and I love to talk about my sexuality. I've erinn bartlett been a sex-positive bisexual for over a decade. In addition to a wide range of other fetishes, I also have a particular interest in queer kink. My sexual tastes are mostly focused on men and women who are sexual and adventurous, and my interest in kinky kinks stems from my experience as a young girl who was very into sex with women in the '70s and '80s. I was also a big fan of the queer porn scene of the era—especially the '80s, which I enjoyed because I was an extremely young and naive girl. I was also drawn to kinky queer porn for its unique mix of taboo and safe sex, and for the way that it reflected the subtext and subtextuality of the scene itself. And, in the past few years, I've become more into exploring other kinds of queer porn: gay porn, bi porn, and non-binary porn, to name a few.

I think there's a lot more out there than you think. I mean, how many movies of any genre are out there? But if you want to know where to start, here's a list of the top ten porn stars that I'm most excited about exploring, all of them gay or bisexual. You should also check out the list of porn stars who I think pornoamateurlatino are worth looking into as well—some of the most interesting women in the world—because it's only by looking at their bodies that we're able to fully understand their lives. I hope you enjoy the list. I think you should have at least one of them. And don't forget, the next time you have a night out and want to get fucked hard, don't skip to the bars and buy something off of the backroom girls. I bet that they'd be more than happy to provide it. So enjoy, and let me know if you've got anything I've missed or if you've got any recommendations for where to start!

#1: Demi Scott

Demi Scott is a former porn star from the US who now works for the adult film amilia onyx industry and has been on many adult films. She has made over 40 films, some of which have been hardcore sex videos nominated for AVN awards. She has done a lot of action scenes, including some of her scenes on the series 'Dancing In The Dark' as well as several porn releases of 'Dangerous Girls'. Demi has been making porn for years and has a huge following. She is known for her ability to do any action or sexual position you could possibly think of, and is definitely in her element. She's not afraid to do her job or make you squirm in her crotch. Demi Scott is a true pornstar!

#2: Alexa Nova

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