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In the past, I've used this product with some success and have had many success stories, but never with the large size. I did get a bit of a soreness on the base of my cock when the first large was inserted, and after a few tries, that's what prompted me to give it another try. I'm glad I tried it since it was what worked for me and is what I currently recommend this for. The dildo itself is very small, which allows for a good feel. It has a nice, round base, but if you're short on room in your vagina, this is a very safe toy to try out. You should also be careful when inserting this as if you try to insert too much, it may cause a tightness in the vagina. If you're not using a pillow, it may be best to insert the small size and then use the larger size to make sure it doesn't hurt. After a little practice, this worked for me, and it's the perfect toy for beginners.

Love Love Love, May 17, 2018 I have had this toy for about 2 months now and I love it. I'm a little on the tall side and the toy seems to work well for me, especially because of the large size of it, which is what I prefer. This is very large in length and girth, but it is still so light that you can't even feel the girth of the toy. I used the lightest toy and it just slid right in. I've tried to use it at least once and it did not fit in any way. So I was very disappointed with this toy. The material feels very soft, but it is a very firm, rigid toy. The toy is large in size and so I would recommend against this toy if you are trying to use a toy like this in a small size, since it is not very comfortable for a large sized body.

Rated 1 out of 5 by kristen from I had this toy for three days. I got it to give to a friend for her birthday and the one day I didn't use it, I left it out for three days. And the day after that, it was stuck in my bathroom cabinet. I couldn't get the toy out. I called the company and they said they would get it out for me. But it came in a plastic bag and I can't open it. And the company said they didn't have enough time to fix it. I'm going to stop by the store and they're not answering the phone. They just keep going on about their product.

I really want to find out if my son is okay after the porn-related incident. Because my husband said he found the porn-blog about me on the net. I want to tell him it was nothing serious and that he is not the only kid who likes watching porn. But I want to be careful that I won't offend any children who want to watch it. My son is 5. You are right, I should be careful not to offend anyone. I've read the article, and I'm sure that a child can be hurt if he finds that out. I know that my son would not even know hotguysfuck if he was watching porn. I know that he can't understand what porn is, even if he is not a kid. That's why I told him about my opinion about porn and I'm omegle captures not sure that he was offended. I can't really blame him if he didn't understand. I think it's better that he just does not watch porn than to be a bad parent. I think we should be careful. I've just read about the desiporn craze that seems to be sweeping the internet. It's a very interesting article. I guess it's really a new thing in this age of internet and new things are coming. I know how to get over my porn-addicted childhood and now I'm learning to love the sex life again. That is what I'm trying to do. This is the first thing I ever did to try to change. I'm not sure how long it will take but I'm hoping it won't be too long. I will be posting about desiporn. I would like to thank all the porn stars that are sharing their experience with this new site.

Porn star desiporn and her new site. I'm so excited that this is finally happening and I'm happy that it will help me and others change. It's hard for me to talk about because there are so many things to share about porn. I'm so proud of this new porn site that you'll be seeing soon. It's all so great. I hope you enjoy reading this. I'm not saying I'm perfect. But I'm the first one to tell you that I've always been a bit of a porn addict. I've always been sexually active, even though I wasn't the best at it and wasn't always the most experienced. But when I was in my late teens I did my first porn site. I had my first webcam show that I had filmed. And it wasn't even a lot of fun. I was getting a lot of people to watch me fuck and I had to be very careful because of my age. It wasn't lick my pussy like I didn't want to be in a sex tape. But, I also wasn't really the kind of person to be making porn. I wanted to have fun. But in that first video, you would have thought it was a porno. It was more like I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the video.