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Dulce: "D-do you think it would be okay?"

She: "I'd prefer it if you wouldn't tell my mother about it until I was an adult. That way you could really get all hot and bothered, and then it's not like it'll be my parents getting all mad and stuff."

Dulce: "It'd be just right. I'm a little nervous, but I think it'd be awesome if you'd let me try."

She: "I'll try it. You need to make me want it. If you're really that bad, then you'll need to take it slow, but I promise I won't be disappointed. Don't think goldengoddessxxx I 'm crazy. If you don't want me to try it, then I can't."

Dulce: "What, I don't think you can? I'll take you at your word, I promise. Come over and let me show you my cock. I'm only in charge when I'm horny. I shawna lenee can be your girl if you want. I'll be right over, okay?"

Hentai porn-blog: "Oh my God, it's so fucking awesome! I didn't even know you were a blogger! What are your names? And your blog is called Hentai Porn Blog, don't you want us to know about it?"

Sugar: "No, I don't think you're a fan of mine. I'm Sugar. Do you know my name?"

Hentai porn-blog: "Sugar? I don't know, you're a blogger, right? So tell me, did you know you're the one that's writing a blog about porn? You know, for free! I just don't understand."

Sugar: "Well… I'm a writer, yes. But I don't know anything about porn, okay? Just because I'm a writer doesn't mean I'm going to make porn videos. I'm a blogger for fun. I write about anything. But don't you think I could write about how I want to be in bed with you and then make your cock hard?"

Hentai porn-blog: "What? That's the worst idea I've ever heard."

Sugar: "Yeah, I know! But I have a job. I have to do stuff to pay bills."

Sugar and I got into a good conversation about the subject of sex. We discussed the importance of consent, and she asked if she could use my name in the article. So I called up Sugar and gave her my real name so she could contact me and get her own piece in the story. She responded with a long list of reasons why I should use my real name for this article.

I don't usually write about pornstars in public, but Sugar is a friend of mine and I was in a position to ask her. She told me she'd like her voice to be known only to those who know the story. That was a big deal for me. My name was a part of the story. So that was what I said. Here is a sample of my phone conversation with Sugar: Sugar: Hi! (She says she is from Florida) Oh, hi! I'm Sugar from Sugar Blog. I'm here from a few weeks back. How are you? (She is smiling) How are you? I'm doing great. You are? Yeah? (she smiles and says that she is) Really? (she laughs) I'm not as good as you were! (she laughs) You're a little bit bigger than me? Well, I didn't know. What are you doing for the blog? How come you have a blog, you look like a normal girl. I'm doing porn. I'm a blogger. That's why I do porn. (he tells her to put the camera away) Do you like it? You're my favorite. I mean, you are? (she laughs) I don't know, I'm not really sure. Is it weird for you? Do you want it, or is it weird for me? (she smiles and nods) I think you're good at sex and we're having a great time. I like it. (he asks her what she would like next) Do you want to have a threesome? Would you like to be a little rough? Or are you okay with that? (he pulls her into his lap and begins caressing her breasts and ass.