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What is a Pornstar?

If you don't know what a pornstar is, it can be described in the following way: A porn star is a woman who makes a living by making videos and selling them. These videos range from hardcore action to cute girl doodles. They have to have a minimum of 5,000 views or they are kicked out of the adult industry.

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There are more than a thousand porn videos on YouTube, and only a few thousand girls that can be categorized in the porn industry. This is why you have to keep a close eye on the porn star on YouTube. The porn star has to have a decent amount of subscribers before they are able to become the highest level performer in the adult industry.

The biggest porn stars are those that have been in the porn industry since the beginning. The reason why the porn stars have been able to gain the best ranking is because of the huge amount of viewers that follow their videos. That means they are being watched by a lot of people.

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