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I first heard about dillion harper back when she came out as a trans man in 2004. I was 19 at the time. We talked about what it was like to be the only trans guy at school. After a while I stopped telling anyone, I knew that dillion harper would never accept me for who I was. She would get me kicked out of school or just made fun of because she didn't like me as much as everyone else did. The only thing I ever talked about was her penis, which I knew from the beginning was going to be the defining feature of her life, a fact she'd never tell anyone.

She went to a small private Christian school, where she was often ostracized and bullied by all the other girls. At least once a day her father would come home and beat her. I didn't think anything about it, because I didn't think she was a girl. In her senior year she broke a mirror, which in turn resulted in a huge dent in the bathroom floor, and then the damage to the walls was even worse, because the school didn't have any plumbing. Her parents, when the kids started getting pregnant, took her out of school for a week, leaving her in the bathroom with the rest of the kids. The only thing I would have done, was help her repair the mirror. In the meantime she decided she wanted to go to porn, and it had to be something with her vagina. After finding some porn and finding a couple of scenes that were too big for her, she realized she had a problem, and she was going to have to do something about it. The next day, she went to her bathroom. It was so wet, she could have used some baby wipes for the work. After she got the mirror back, and she put some more baby wipes on it, she realized something.

"Holy shit!" she said. "I've never had a wet pussy before!" She went back and found a couple of new scenes. The first one was of a guy on a boat. It was riely reid amazing how much he got up in her and started grinding into her. Her whole body was shaking and her pussy was dripping. The second scene had her on top of the guy, and he was banging her hard. They ended up having sex on the boat! It was incredible. And the last scene she found was a guy that had a big cock that was just about to cum, but instead, he fucked her hard on the bed. He got hard after, and he had to put his dick back in her. He finished off by fucking her hard and deep in the bed. It was some of the best fucking of my life. Thank you, dillion harper, for all your help! I'm still hooked on your videos! Thank you for being so generous with your time, and for helping me get the information that I wanted out of my porn life. 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She also appeared in a short-lived porn film for a company called Xtream. She is known for her very natural looks, sexy demeanor, and excellent ass and face. Her name also includes the suffix "Harper". Dillion Harper has been on several television shows including "The Real World". Dillion's first movie appearance was in "Lovers Like You", which was released in 2000. Her most recent movie appearances are on "Hard Girls" and "Girls Do Porn".

Dillion Harper is a member of the adult video industry, dating back to her teen years. She is now a fully-grown adult film star with her own line of DVDs and porn products. This is an exclusive and exclusive feature in the "Dillion Harper: The Real" website. Dillion Harper first appeared in the "Lovers Like You" porn movie in 2000. She was then released in the adult film industry in 2003 in the "Girls Do Porn" movie. Since then, Dillion Harper has worked on many major adult film productions including: "Teenage Star" (2004), "I Kissed My Sister's Boyfriend" (2005), "Gentlemen Wanted" (2007), and "Dillion Harper's House" (2009).

In addition to her adult film work, Dillion Harper has been in many of the most successful reality television shows in the world. She's been in the movies: "Porn Stars Next Door", "Teen Mom", "Teen Mom 2", and "Teen Mom OG" and appeared on the "Teen Mom" show. Dillion Harper appeared in the "Teen Mom" series finale and has had a recurring role in the show, "Teen Mom: OG" in 2011. She also starred in the movies "Dillion Harper", "Pornstars Next Door" and "Pornstars Next Door 2" (2006). As you can tell by the title, this article focuses on Dillion Harper, her movies, her relationship with pornstars, and her work in the adult industry. In the last few months I've been asked by many friends for some information on what she does in her free time, and for some of my answers to these questions you can find them here: Dillion Harper in the Adult Industry, Dillion Harper's Personal Blog, Dillion Harper's Pornstar Profile, Dillion Harper's Pornstars Profile, Dillion Harper's Blog I also made a little video of the sex scene I shot on the last night of the "Pornstars Next Door" (2011) season, to show some of what it's like to be an actual adult film star in the adult industry. The last part of this blog will be dedicated to Dillion Harper's personal blog, to tell you about her life, her career, and her experiences.