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Dolly Parton (born October 18, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American piper blush porn singer and songwriter. She was born in Chicago. Parton was considered the most popular cipka American artist when she spankbang,com was released as a single in 1983. She was an outspoken feminist who keri sable has spoken out against the military in the United States and abroad.

Dolly Parton and her partner Brad Whitford, who also happens to be a porn star, have collaborated with such notable individuals as David Copperfield, Richard Gere, and Tom Cruise. Parton was also teenpussy a member of the band The Dap-Kings. In addition to this, she is a prolific singer and songwriter, with over 40 singles and 7 albums to her name. In her later years she gained recognition as one of the first female celebrities to receive a gold-plated star in the United States. She has also starred in numerous films. She is most known for her hit song "American Woman" and for playing the lead role in the 2006 movie version of "The Color Purple" as well as the abbey lee nude 1998 film "Beverly Hills Cop". In 2009, Parton joined the beeg com cast of the "Star Trek" film franchise, and in 2012, she starred in the sequel "Star Trek: Into Darkness". Parton has been married for 23 years, to actor Rick Parton.

Dolly Parton was born in Washington, DC, to Rick and Dolly Parton on the evening of September 30, 1954. She was adopted by her biological father, Fred Parton, and his wife Dolly, and is of English and German descent. Parton had three younger brothers: Robert, who died of AIDS at the age of 23; Robert's younger brother, Jason, who committed suicide in 1990; and his wife, who died from a brain tumor in 1990. Dolly was adopted by a family in Florida. She has an older sister, Kathy, and a younger brother, James.


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