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I have an idea how you can get out of this one. It's a simple one. It's called saying, "I'm not in love with you." That's it. I mean, this might be an extreme example, but I really think it works in all of these cases, and it's the one thing we can always count on for a lot of things. I feel like the more you talk to your parents about this, the more likely you are to end up talking to your dad, and your mom, and your sister, and other people who know you better than your mom and dad. And that's always a good thing.

I feel like when it's all said and done, all of this, it's gonna be really, really good for you. There's black tgirls no doubt about that. I mean, you don't have to live in this country. You're gonna do what you gotta do to survive. Just remember: you're on your own. (To the guys, "The only reason you're doing this is because you hate the government and want to go around and shoot people.")

Okay, enough talking, so, the girls: "What's the plan?" I ask, and the girl answers "We're gonna make it." "You mean, we're gonna go to prison and shoot each other?" "Yeah." "How's that gonna work?" "Oh, we're gonna start a gang, call it the Death Squad, and we're going to kill everybody and rape every single woman. All you have to do is show up with a gun and watch. They'll figure it out."

So, I'm looking at the girls, "Is this really something you wanna do?" The one who's been wearing a black leather jacket with a "Death Squad" logo in a white circle on the back says "Nope, we're not gonna do that." "Are you going to make it?" "No, we're not. I'm not good at making decisions, but it's just so sad to think of all the women who were raped and murdered for being pretty. It's just sick. What the fuck was I thinking?"

And then the other girl answers "Because we're all just kids, right? We think we're so cool because we're the only girls who have a gun, so we have to be the ones to do something?" "Yeah, we're going to shoot each other." "And rape." "And kill." "And rape and kill."

It's clear I'm not a real porn expert, so I ask them how they're going to get paid for this, and they answer "I just want money. I don't think that I can survive. I'm a virgin, I don't have any friends, I'm homeless, I'm from Detroit and it's too hard to survive here, but I have to keep doing this."

My friend, who has been following this site for a while, is very excited about it, so she goes to her Facebook page and gloryhole looks at all of these photos of this girl. "So, how is this going to look on our profile?"

"I don't know," she says, "I'm thinking about starting a blog, or animal sex stories a website, or something. And I'd like to have this thing called the Death Squad to pay us. I'm so excited."

Then my friend leaves to try and find a job.

I look at the other girl and tell her "If you do get some kind of income from this site, I'll pay you." "I don't need that," she says. "I'm the boss."

"You're the boss," I say, "If you can't get a job, then I'll be the one to pay for it. Just don't go out there and do anything that goes against our rules. You're not a girl, and I'm not the boss. I just want you to live your life. If you do what we say, you'll be getting paid."

I smile and walk out.

I sit down and get on with my day. The only thing I'm not doing is staring at my computer screen, which I haven't been doing in months. My eyes are focused on the news of the day. "We have some bad news." I see the headline. "It's not good news." The article starts. I click on the link, read it and then click "play." I sit back on the couch and try to process what I've read. The article reads like some sort of a religious pamphlet. In it, an evangelical preacher claims that the Bible is full of evil and we must use the Bible to tell us what's good and bad. I had my eye on that particular blog, so I started scrolling down. In the article, there's a few articles about the evils of pornography. I clicked on them, one by one, and read through them. Each was bad news.

I didn't know where to start. I didn't know which articles I should choose. In the end, I decided to just start at the very beginning, to the moment when a guy at an emma stone sexy outdoor concert said, "I saw that on television. Do you know who the person is on television nice butts that I was watching? It's a girl from India! She's called Druuna. I really like her!" I was in shock. I was in awe. I was so excited. I was completely stunned. I wanted to scream out, "Oh my God, she's so hot!" but I didn't know how to say it. I didn't have words for what I saw. I wasn't sure what was going on in my head or what I should say. Then I remembered the last time I was in an adult shop. I had bought some lingerie and I had a bit of fun playing with the lingerie. I had the same amaranta hank feeling when I saw the pictures in the article on druuna. I thought, "Oh my God! I've been thinking about her all day.