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And finally, to finish this section of the blog, here is an excerpt from an interview that Amber and I did with a young adult pornstar in London, called Mandy, about the new EBI. Mandy, a very young girl, said this: The scene is different. There is no penetration. So we have to really be in control, to make sure we don't move too much. But it is really quite amazing, and I like it a lot, because it is different from the other scenes we have done before. It is much more natural for us to move, because I have ftv girls a lot more control over her. I was like, 'This is really really good, and it feels good.' She really got turned on. It is hard to describe exactly what is happening. But it is a really great experience. We did a few scenes like that one before, in different scenes. But we are very proud of it. It really brings out all our senses. It is like a jessica jaymes good sex toy for the whole body. And it will stay there for a long time and never go away."

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