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Elizabeth Turner

The name "Elizabeth Turner" means "the lovely", so the name "Nude yiff comic Elizabeth" is fitting because Elizabeth Turner is a nude model. She has appeared in the magazines "Alluring" and "Seducing". Her name comes from the fact that she is a former Playboy bunny. Her nude modeling experience is quite impressive, as she was one of the first to work with the company's director, Jim Jefferies.

Elizabeth Turner

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Eliza Turner was born on May 8, 1990 in Toronto, Canada. She is an adult actress. Eliza is the daughter of singer and songwriter Brian Turner and actress and adult film actress Sarah Turner. Eliza has a brother, Justin Turner, and a sister, Tanya Turner. Eliza attended Toronto's Royal Alexandra school, a private boarding school for the gifted. She also studied psychology at the University of British Columbia. Eliza is an only child who is very close with her parents and her brother. Eliza had a very successful modeling career, working for adult magazine sites such as Wicked Pictures. In 1997, Eliza married porn star Sean Cody, who is an American porn actor, who has acted in such films as The Perfect Lover, Anal Sex, Sex Drive, and many other films that have grossed millions of dollars worldwide. Eliza is said to have had one daughter, who has also starred in porn films, Tanya Turner.

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