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I'm a big fan of ella knox, her style and her personality. She has a really nice and cute body with a nice tan and her hair is a nice blonde. Her nipples are a bit larger than I like and the bra straps are a bit too tight for me. She is very beautiful and the way she is looking at me made me horny just watching her. I was getting a lot of compliments from other men and my wife.

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There was this porn-blog article that said that ella knox was only 24 years old and that she was looking at pornography. That's all she knew. So, after being with ella for over a year, it's not surprising that she was just looking at porn. She also admitted to having a hard time getting off.

ella knox, like most adult-starved ladies, wanted to give birth. So, as she was getting ready to go into labor, she was looking for a doctor that would do the birth with her. She found a doctor on Google. He was a real dickhead. He didn't understand why she wanted a birth, because ella had told him that she just wanted to get pregnant. He also knew that ella was never gonna have kids, so he thought that she had some sort of disease, like cancer, or something. So, he started treating her for it, just so he could get pregnant again. Then, she said, "Why don't you just do it, and I'll do it." So, he said, "You don't need me." She said, "I don't need anything, and you're just an ass-pant-wearing whore with a little baby." He said, "You need to leave, or I'm going to have to do this for you." So, he got out the scissors and he started cutting off her balls, and pulling out her testicles. And then she started screaming, "No!" So, he had to get her into the bathtub and soak her in the bathtub for like 5 or 10 minutes, to make sure that she was clean, and so she didn't think that she was being raped. She was also having a lot of trouble with her boobs, and she just wanted to get rid of them, so she got a tissue and started rubbing it against her breasts. Then, he took his penis out, and she was screaming, "No, no, no, no!" So, he went back and put it back in.

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[On her first blowjob] This was the first time. It was a guy that I was very friendly with, and I wanted to fuck him because I knew I would make him cum, and he was a really nice guy, and I didn't want to fuck another guy, so I said, "Listen, I want you to fuck me, but we'll have to have sex first." He came into the room, and I put a condom emily ratajkowski hot on him.

I had never had a blowjob. I thought it would be awkward, and so I didn't do it. But the moment I came into this world, it was like, "Oh, my God, I want to have sex with you."

[On the most sexual thing she's ever done] I think I was in the bathroom with my sister and my dad. There was a picture of my dad's dick, and the caption, "I love you dad". I don't know why, it wasn't a really bad idea. I love that picture.

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