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Emma Starr is a porn-star! She is 18 years old. Her profile shows that she has starred in over a dozen adult videos. Here is a sample:

"Sex and pleasure. She's a total babe, just 18 years old, and very sexy. She's a bit of a tease, and needs her fans to know it. She's from Canada, and moved to San Diego when she was 10 years old. She's very fun-loving, and loves to dance, sing, or just relax in a bathtub. She's a bit shy, but likes you to know she's shy. When you meet her, she'll put on a sexy little show. Don't be intimidated. If you like what you see, you should definitely go watch her." "What do I have to do to be a good little porn star? Do I wear lingerie and make out with the boys? No! That's what I'm here for! I'm here to do my thing and make money for the guys who love me." "I love my fans. My fans are the only reason I'm still doing porn today! When I'm with my fans, I'm getting all these compliments and I have to remind myself that I'm still here to do porn. So, don't ever let anybody get you down." "I have a few things that I love doing. First off, I love making new friends and learning new things about myself. I also love making new porn stars." "My best friend is a porn star, so I've seen her work out a lot in the gym and I love that!" "I don't mind doing porn. The guys have fun watching my boobs." "If I was in porn, it wouldn't be about getting paid and being famous. It would be about loving myself and making my money. If I ever had the chance to go into porn, I'd have no problem giving it all up and going back to porn." "It's great that I can use my passion to make money with my passion. I like to do something I love." "I have to say that porn is a lot like other jobs. You need a good attitude and commitment to make this work. You don't have to have a job for this."

"I think porn is great because it's about self expression and it's about being your own personal porn star. You get to feel good about what you're doing. It's great for me to have my own porn. I like the attention, the money and the sex."

"I like porn. I like being sexy. I just like getting off."

"Porn is fun, it's a fantasy, and you can play your sex toy in all sorts of ways, from jane leeves nude the missionary position to double penetration, to double anal. It's a fun and creative way to get off."

"I'm a total junkie for porn. I find that it's therapeutic and I enjoy the sexual side of things. I find that my masturbation comes from watching porn, so I've discovered that watching porn has a much higher reward than girls finishing the job watching real porn, or masturbating to porn."

"I found porn a few years ago, I'm a porn addict now. I love it! The girls are hot and nice ass the boys are hot too. It's so hot! It's an amazing feeling and I get so much more pleasure than I can even imagine. It's like I'm watching a real life porn video, but better and more intense."

"I am an avid porn watcher, and have never stopped. I like the fantasy of a good porn scene, the action, and the girls. I love watching the boys as well, but I do it with girls. I'm not sure why, but I like to watch girls as much as I like watching boys."

"I like watching it as a form of therapy for the things I have learned to deal with in my own life. I also like it as a way to relax, but not the way you'd relax if it was real."

"My girlfriend has never been one to watch anything. She was very into it when I was younger but I girls eating pussy haven't seen any of her on the tube in a while and she's just as into it now as she was then. She knows that I love it but she is also a little jealous at first."

"My boyfriend watched it when he was younger, but now he loves it. He's never seen porn in his life so I thought maybe it would be nice for me to give him an opportunity to watch some. I wanted to be able to give him what he's always wanted to see."

"The guys I watch it with get a great reaction. Some girls who get a reaction like mine do the whole thing for a friend. My girlfriend who has never watched porn before has been a little jealous."

"My friend and I both got into porn about 10 years ago. I was still into hardcore, and he was into it hardcore, so he thought he'd give me the chance to try some, and he was a little nervous because he didn't know how to put it on. He went through with it and we had a good time. He's a really good friend, and he's been with me for 2.5 years now. I'm sure he would never do it again. I would have given anything to have seen his face as I was watching it with him, but he's a very nice guy and has never done porn, so I was really happy with my experience. He is a great person. We don't discuss what he does for a living, because it's not really what I'm into and I feel it's a lot of work to keep up with and he doesn't want to put any pressure on himself. I'm just so glad I've had the experience of meeting and doing it with him. I'm glad I found him and I'm glad I'm not the only one who's ever experienced it, but you can't really compare that. My main point in this blog is to encourage people to do things that they may not do normally. I just wanted to get my butt in gear and do something fun, and that's why I'm blogging about it.

What do you like about this site?

I love it. I'm in the habit of having an opinion about things and I do that all the time, but this site gives me the opportunity to talk about things I'd rather not talk about. There's no soapbox, no bullshit, and it's very relaxed. I like it because it's easy to get around to something when I'm busy or I'm not quite sure what I'm going to say.

You have a blog about porn. Do you also have one about masturbation?

Yeah. This one's a little different. My last blog was about masturbation, but it was not as funny as this one. I had a good time doing it. I think it's pretty funny. I'm always up for a good, lighthearted masturbatory discussion.

What is it?

Well, this is the first porn-blog post about masturbating. I did a lot of research before I did it. I looked at everything I could about masturbation. I talked to a lot of girls, but not all of them. It's just not how I see it, to get off. The thought of going to a porn site and seeing all these sexy women, I just couldn't deal with it.

I was also thinking about other women. I've dated a few women. They have given me a lot of pleasure. But I'm not really into sex with the ladies, I feel.

When I get off and I can look at a real woman and think about how gorgeous she is, and not some hot porn star on the internet, I feel better. That makes me feel like a complete man. I can't wait to get out of here. I have to do some research into porn stars. And the porn star community on Reddit is amazing. I read the best porn stories every time I'm home. I'm gonna make this my first place for porn related content. I'm gonna make it my home now. And I'm gonna do this all for the love of porn. If that's what you want to do. Well, then just come and visit. This is just my first time here.

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