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This porn-blog article is about porn stars. If you ever wanted to find out more about adult content and porn stars, this is for you. If you are interested in writing about porn stars, I have published a number of articles on this topic, most of which can be found here, and I have also written a number of books on the subject. Here is an excerpt from one of my books on porn stars, "Sell It" (2009):

Most people who are into the adult industry, whether they like it or not, know that it exists and is highly lucrative. The reason for this is a lot of very intelligent, well-educated people doing it for a living. It is a well-paying industry that offers a certain kind of lifestyle that is not necessarily sexy or pleasing to the eyes.

I am not going to lie: I am not a great fan of porn stars. I have never enjoyed sex with them. But that does not make me a bad person.

To those of you who are reading this, I know you are wondering about my opinion on the whole thing, so here is my own. I am a lesbian, and I love lesbian sex, regardless of the performer. I don't mind the performers, but I have some issues with this industry as a whole. I love to hear people's opinions and ideas. I think that my blog is a place where I can have a discussion. I'm a writer. I'm not an artist. I'm not a pornographer.