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1. Why Porn?

As a father of two teenage daughters, I can tell you that I was addicted to pornography. My daughter, ages 11 and 15, would go on porn-related websites like Bangbros, MFC and Pornhub. It was only when I realized my daughter was on the internet that I finally began to clean up my act.

What was I doing that made me such a sad, pathetic, pathetic man?

My daughter and I were never close, even when she was younger, and she and I had homemade blowjob been through plenty of fights in our marriage. At some point I became very attached to her and would watch videos of her on my computer for hours at a time. In many ways, she was sexi more of a friend than a girlfriend to me.

It's funny, watching her on the computer on weekends, I can see that her life has changed from being a shy, shy girl, to one who is now an open, flirty, outgoing, enthusiastic girl.

I had been making my way through porn, but this time it was different. The videos were so good that I had almost given up, when I found a video where my daughter was being fucked by her father, and I couldn't intense orgasm hold back my urge to watch it.

I knew that she would like it, and I was in the midst of a very emotional day, and I needed her to have an orgasm that day. She did, and I just held on to the screen for as long as I could, knowing that the moment she climaxed, I would cockold watch her orgasm again. I also knew that it wouldn't be as hard to watch as I thought it would be, because her pussy had been so wet from the shower and her juices from her pussy had flowed down her legs, giving her pussy a slightly pink color, even though her skin was mostly a cream color.

After she came, she started bouncing up and down on her father's cock, but she didn't angel wicky cum until she came on his balls, which are covered in white marks.

She looked so cute doing it! I knew that I would like it to be my daughter's first video. I had wanted this to be her first, but the last video that she had watched, it had been a girl having an orgasm and her mom fucking her while the boyfriend and I watched, and I had been disgusted with myself for thinking it was okay to watch a girl cum in her dad's presence.

The first time I saw this, I knew I wanted it to be with her mom, but the other video I had seen with my daughter, had been with my husband's girlfriend.

So I thought that maybe my daughter wouldn't have as much cumming, and that it wouldn't be as hard to watch as I had thought, because her pussy had been so wet from the shower and her juices from her pussy had flowed down her legs, giving her pussy a slightly pink color, even though her skin was mostly a cream color.

After she came, she started bouncing up and down on her father's cock, but she didn't cum until she came on his balls, which are covered in white marks.

Then she started going on and on, she was so fucking hot, I loved it when she was getting off, and I loved how she was moving. Then I had a huge orgasm too.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and her pussy was shaking. I started to watch my daughter's pussy juice dripping down her legs from the wetness in the tub.

Then, I had to go. My daughter was still in shock, she was breathing hard, and she was so excited, so suranne jones nude excited to cum. Then she looked at me and asked if I wanted her to cum on her hands, she did so, but not hard, she wanted to cum with me. Then she kissed me and said she was going to cum in my mouth. She was dripping wet and crying, it was amazing.

I got up and left to make some dinner. When I got back home, I had some food ready, and I sat down with my daughter. Then I gave her my phone.

She said she had to make a phone call first, she would call me later. I told her that she can text me anytime and I would call her. She said, "No, daddy, you have to get up and make a call first." I said, "Okay, do you mind?" I grabbed my phone and went downstairs to the room. I grabbed the phone and went to my bedroom. When I got there, my daughter was still sitting on the bed. She was nude from the waist down, all spread out. She had her legs open. My wife said, "You're going to have to make this quick, daddy." I said, "No, no, I'm fine. I'm going to do what you want me to do." Then, I said, "You want to take your dress off for me? I like the way you look today." She said, "Daddy, please! No! Don't!" I said, "You don't want to do that! You can't." I said, "Then you can do what you want!" Then she said, "Daddy, it's your turn, Daddy." She got up and said, "I'm ready, Daddy. I'm ready for you." She took her panties off, and I watched as she spread her legs wide, showing her big, beautiful pussy to me. I watched her spread her legs and stroke her big hard cock, and I started stroking it. After about 30 minutes of this, she took off her panties and told me she was going to fuck me hard. I was thinking, "I bet she's going to cum again. She's always going to be able to cum." She started to fuck me, and I kept fucking her with my cock, making her cum again and again. Finally, after about 90 minutes, she stopped and she said, "Daddy, I need to clean up." So she grabbed a towel and started wiping herself off. After I washed her, I told her, "I think it's time to go to bed." So she went back to her room, and I stayed there, thinking about how long I've waited to see her again. After a while, she got in her bed, and she turned on the light. I started to get dressed, and she asked me, "Can I get some sleep?" I said yes, and she got in bed. The next morning she went to sleep, and I left, but I thought to myself, "I bet she's still dreaming about me. When I wake up, I'll see her and we'll have sex." I didn't really think about it, but it definitely made me feel aroused. About three months after that, she came to see me. She said, "Daddy, I want to have a relationship with you." At first I didn't know what to say, because she's a teenager. I started to talk to her, and she really seemed interested in what I wanted. The next day I brought her to my house, and we had sex in my bedroom. As I was sitting on the bed, she said, "Can I make up some fantasies and watch them?" I told her, "Of course, do it, but it's not necessary." She asked me, "So, do you want me to make a video or do I just have to watch you?" I explained that she could make it for her. She said, "Really, Daddy, it's okay." She wanted me to do something she hadn't done before. We started with kissing, then I went down on her, and she had a really hot time. In the video I made she had a lot of fun. I didn't really want to do the video, but I knew I was going to have to. She wanted to watch me get off with her, but also she was ready for me to let her cum. So I did. Then she was going down on me again. She was very good about it, but I could tell she was very turned on. The whole video was filmed on a flatbed cam and the audio was recorded from a stereo. It's a really hot video. I'll show you all the best things, though. I'll start by showing you the video. This is the very best porn. It starts with my daughter having sex with me and then her getting cum on her face. I think this is one of the best video I have ever seen. I can't believe the girls are that good at it. You can tell that this video is made by a real loving dad. I don't think I can find this kind of sex in porn. I can't believe they're giving it to her for free! So enjoy my free preview of my daughter's new porn video. Enjoy.

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