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I want to start out with my personal story about how my sister became a porn star. I was just in my late teens, in college, and had just discovered the internet. She had just finished her Masters degree in Film Production, and was ready to go on the road as a porn star. It was something I was planning on doing for a while, but it's never happened. When I was growing up, porn wasn't that popular. A lot of the older guys in my school were into it, but it was usually the older ones who pornoamateurlatino had an interest. My first real exposure to the internet came a few months into my freshman year of college when I came across a page about a college girl who was a porn star. She was 16 or 17 years old, and was about 6'0" and had really short black hair. The description read, "She is a mature 20 year old who has had quite a few experience films with her famous boyfriend. She has a tight ass and is a very petite blonde." I was interested, but I figured it had to be a one-time thing. I looked through the other pages, however, and the next day I had to look her up because she was on a new site. So when I finally did find her, I started talking to her on the phone and asking her to send me her stuff. It turned out she had worked as a porn model since she was 17, and had done some other porn stuff as well. She asked me for permission to use her picture, and I was a little hesitant at first, but decided to go ahead. I sent her some pics of her and some photos of her boobs and ass, and we were both very happy to be working together.

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