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The Lesbian Pornography Industry Has Made It Easier For Women To Become Famous

If a woman wants to make a career out of being a lesbian porn star then she has an easier way to do that than if she was a straight porn star, but that has changed recently as more and more porn-stars want to be famous. "Porn stars are now being seen in mainstream publications, making their sexuality an issue for mainstream magazines that were previously more interested in escapism," says Rachel.

"There is an emerging trend among the female porn stars that their sexuality should not be a taboo subject. As such, they are now seeking out mainstream media outlets like Vogue Magazine , Glamour Magazine and Esquire.

"Most mainstream mainstream magazines now give equal space to the male-dominated male-oriented porn industry, so it's now up to the female porn stars to prove that they're not just playing to their male fans but also to the general public, and have the courage to show them the work of a real woman porn star.

"Although mainstream gay media still focuses on the male-centered male porn industry, the female-centric lesbian porn industry is getting a bit of a resurgence as more and more women find their sexuality on the forefront of media discussions, and this has lead to women becoming more open about their sexuality.

"I have a theory that the women that are becoming more vocal about their sexuality are doing it to increase their visibility. With so many women getting exposed to their sexuality through mainstream media, I think they're not only making a career move but also showing people that they're not as big of a threat as the men they are currently naked family trying to be seen as."

This piece was originally published in Gay Men's Health (Vol. 5, No. 8, November-December 2011), which was published by St. Martin's Press, Ltd. in the United States and is reprinted with permission.

This blog post was originally published on November 11, 20

This blog post is about the importance of sexuality for gay men's health, and how sexuality affects their health. I have been writing about sexuality for many years, but as a gay man, I know that I have so much to contribute to this conversation. I think about sexuality constantly, and I want to share my experiences with you, and maybe, just maybe, make some people's lives a little more comfortable. If you have a sexual question or a sex-related concern that you would like me to write about, I'd be happy to write about it. I do write about lots of different subjects, including health, safety and well-being, relationships and sexuality, but my focus right now is on sexuality.

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