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We're also getting ready to launch our "Gilf Studios" initiative with an upcoming comic book event. If you'd like to be blow job porn a part of our next blog, we have a great deal of information for you right now! We're going over how to create your own blog, how to promote your blog on social media, and the best ways to reach your target market. We'll be back next week to continue our "Greatest Blogger Award", but if you want to read about the events we're planning, make sure you sign up for our newsletter! The next part of our blog series will go up on Thursday, June 8th, so make sure you're subscribed! We're looking forward to seeing you all next week! Posted by Dan at 3:34 PM Greatest Blogger Award! Now That The Show's Over I was wondering how we were going to celebrate the end of the show, and if any of you had any ideas on what we could do. I mean, there was a lot of talk of making a comic, a book, and some other things, but we're done, so I'm curious. Also, we're not going to be doing a bunch of live shows in LA (or anywhere else for that matter), but instead, I've got a couple of ideas for what we could do. But first, I need to tell you how great it was to have all of you on this week's show. Thanks for watching and supporting us. We appreciate it! Now to the show! 9:25 PM: This is it! The "Greatest Blogger Award", and we're going to go for it! Congratulations to the nominees! We can't wait to see how the winner is chosen and announce it on our live show next week! We hope to see you next week! Dan - 9:26 PM: The nominees: I'm going with my friend Ryan, a long-time member of our team at the LAX airport (and also a very good blogger!). He won for the best adult-content blog and a shout-out to Ryan and his blog, "Candy and Cream." - And finally, we're going to give our "favorite" award to Dan. Dan - 9:28 PM: It's finally time for us to announce who we will be announcing the winners of the 2012 Greatest Blogger Awards! 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We've had a lot of fun, and it's been great to see how you are taking the contest. We have a couple of new winners this year and one that's been around for a while. Here is our new winner, who will be getting a prize of $50! -Adam Carolla, host of Adam Carolla's Carolla Radio, and the founder of I Am Adam Carolla, who will get a $50 Amazon gift card. You've won! -Matt Linder, 2:00 PM: Thanks for joining us. We're going to try to answer your questions, as usual. First, let me just say thank you for your participation in this contest. We've got about a thousand questions. And we'll start our Q&A with the first question. This is from, "I am curious how many people have been in the business for 15 years. I can't recall the last time I saw a naked body in public and I don't want to ruin my career, but if I go out on a date and I see someone naked I would be very nervous to touch them. What can I do to prevent myself from getting too freaked out by a naked body?"

The first rule of porn is always: don't get freaked out. You can always avoid it by not having sex with the girl or being in the same room as her. The second rule is, if you do get freaked out, stop what you're doing, go get some air and try to focus on your own thoughts and not on what she's doing to your body. There are a number of things you can do to prevent getting freaked out. Here are a few tips, in no particular order:

Don't look at other people's bodies. If you're looking at a woman's body, she's probably going to be wearing an outfit, and that's going to make you feel uncomfortable. If you're not sure of what she's wearing, just keep your eyes open for a moment and then look away. If you want to watch porn, just stay away from her. Make sure you are comfortable with your own body. If you're unsure of the feel of your clothes, don't feel obligated to wear them. If you're yaoi porn uncomfortable with your skin, just take a shower first. If you want to see real women, there's no need to feel ashamed. If you are uncomfortable with any of the people in this post, that's OK. This is not a thread about shaming people for their sexuality. If you're not comfortable with anything, just ignore it. We're all different. We're all different in our tastes and preferences. This is for you. If you're an adult with a kink, come over and ask the mods if we can help. You don't have to know anything. There is a lot of "tweaking" going on. Sometimes, there is "fapping." Sometimes, we don't like what we see. You can't really change it, but if you ask the mods about it, they can help. We are not "modded," we are not "modded-like." Some mods are very close surprise blowjob to their subjects, and there are several mods who have been there, done that, and are still there. But not all mods are like that. Some are not, at all. Sometimes, we'll do something you won't find on the net. This can be a lot like a "Troll," where it is almost impossible to not get caught, as you can see from this: This was a troll and the other mods helped. It doesn't happen all the time. So far, we have had zero incidents. If you ever get "bumped" by one of us, you may have a chance to say "fuck you" before it's too late. But if you don't, you might find out for the very first time about how a site works. This may make you think twice about doing a post like this. It might also make you think about taking porn out of your daily porn rotation. You can make a difference, you can stop a little girl from getting beaten up by the older brother. It doesn't happen every day, but it does happen. If we stop them from doing it, it can prevent some of the pain. I think I'm done talking about porn now, so please read the article and then leave your comments.