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"You have to have sex in order to give head…and to have sex with a man is a lot more than just having sex. It's a commitment of time, effort and money that's needed to fulfill the promise of sex in the first place. So what if it looks like the whole world is against you? Then why not just give it your best shot? You'll be fine" — Dan Savage.

"If you really love your wife, there is nothing wrong with her giving you head. She may not have the most beautiful pussy in the world, but she's worth a great deal more than that. Don't wait to find out how you want to give her head before you've had sex with her, or she'll give it to you. It's your job, not hers. "I don't think most wives have a clue about what a great gift a man can give a woman. If she doesn't like how her husband gives her head, she'll probably be more than a little disappointed. Don't be a pussy. "This article is about giving head, not anal. "I've been lucky enough to have the honor of working with some of the best porn stars on the planet. I'd like to share some tips that worked really well for me in my first anal experience, as well as my first time ever giving head. "Don't take a shower, and don't put anything wet in the shower. I was doing what I was told, and that's what matters. "There are two things you want to avoid if you're going to give head. You want to keep your head down and keep your ass in your mouth, and you want your face down. Don't put anything in your mouth when you're giving head. I had a friend who was giving head. He got a tooth pulled on him, and I got him to put a piece of toilet paper in his mouth. I didn't even know that he could have been giving head, but I said to him, 'You know, my friend can give you head, so why would you want to put it in your mouth?' " "If I did what I was told, then I was going to have to do what people told me. You have to follow what the person tells you. If you give head and they're not happy with it, then it's your fault. If they tell you that's not a good position to be in, that's a very big problem. I had my own problem. When I was in high school, I did not like my head being in the toilet. I was in a lot of trouble with the police." "I told my husband about my problem. I said, 'I'll come home and see if I can help you out, and he said, 'Well, if you're the person that told me about this, then you're going to help me. You're going to do what you can.' And so I did. I asked for a doctor and the doctor was so nice. I had a bunch of stuff in there, like condoms, and all kinds of stuff. And I did a bunch of anal play, which is something that my husband really doesn't like. He says, 'I don't like anal. I don't want to go down there. And it's too much work. It takes too long.' And I'd be like, 'But you're my husband. You're my first husband.' And I'd get really mad. Then it was like the day I'd got my first little bit of a cock in my ass. I'm like, 'I can't believe this is happening to me.' You know? So I got the biggest cock I'd ever had. And it was huge. It was big. I thought I was fucking a gorilla. I'm not even joking. It's like, you can see this little head of mine sticking up. I was like, 'Oh yeah, I guess I was right, it was the big one.' And you know what? It was huge. But it's my mallory sierra first time with a real man, so it's all good. I don't want to see what sex game it's like to be in a real man's body. I like my fantasy life, you know?

J: So I'm going to ask this one. I just know, I don't have any kind of fetishistic desire to do it. But I'm wondering if it's just a fetish. Is it really a fetish? Or are you just a porn-hater?

E: I like it when a girl sucks. The more licked, the better. I'm not saying it's wrong. But, I don't have a fetishistic desire for sucking cock. I just like to do it.

I do have a small fetish though. When you give a blowjob, I'm usually so focused on my body, I forget I have a cock in my mouth. So I'm pretty good at giving head to my boyfriend while he sucks. I think I might be better at giving it to my boyfriend than to my brother. I always try to remember to use lube on it, so it doesn't slip out or fall out when I suck. I've tried to watch porn but it never quite works with my boyfriend. I always think about his cock, so it's hard not to put as much pressure on my mouth as possible. I love to watch his face as he sucks.

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