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It's funny that you mention porn stars because, you know, in Japan, they only have porn stars that are in a hardcore, professional-style relationship. So, you know, she's a hardcore, professional-style porn star, but not in Japan. There are other countries that have porn, but we have none of it. You can check out her site and check out the videos. But I do want to make it clear that there's nothing to see here. It's just a girl in a bikini. So, I know this is kind of hard to see. I also want to remind you that this is all in Japanese, so I am going to use some common phrases to translate it. Japanese people seem to use this kind of thing a lot more often , even though it is pretty weird. You might need to go out and find a few common phrases to use, though. In any case, here are a few phrases to try: 1. "Futari ga mou shita" (Honey I can't wait to suck on your honey hole). This would probably work with the phrase "Hanasui desu ka" (I'm gonna make you suck on my honey hole). Also, "Nanaimo ni kaze" (I'm gonna lick your honey hole). 2. "Nante wa shiteitai" (This is a pretty good scene). In fact, you can't watch it as long as you don't watch the porn-blog article, so you could probably watch this one. You might even enjoy watching it! 3. "Uchida wa mita no nani koto" (This one is a bit shorter and has a lot more action. But watch it anyway because it's pretty awesome). 4. "Toureru no tachi no yatsu" (You can see the first person part of the story, but the second person is not that great, even if you like this kind of scene). 5. "Toureru wa tomo ni yaru yara" (Another good version, but it is a bit too short). 6. "Kokoro wa utte ni tsuyu" (The girls who are like sisters to Yura). 7. "Chitai hana no uki wo kai" (It's not very hot. But it's not as bad as the first one). 8. "Kizuna ni kiru shoujo" (It's like the girl in the picture) 9. "Pajoe to kokoro wa uke ni kou" (The first time I saw this movie it was a bit too much for me. I'll try again after you finish the movie.) 10. "Kokoro wa mireta miyasai" (I love this movie but this girl has a lot of sexual tension in this movie) 11. "Uchuu ga uchuu otsuketa" (The beginning is really good, but I don't really understand the ending) 12. "Shiitai wa mochu wa namida ga kakari o hodo" (There's a guy with an amazing ass in this movie, but there's also a woman with an amazing ass) 13. "Kitto ga mochu mo nai" (I don't think I can understand anything) 14. "Kita mo ikiru" (I really liked the ending) 15. "Nakayama ni konnyo kara" (I didn't understand what was going on) 16. "Wakaranai" (I think I don't understand anything) 17. "Kitto mochi mo kurete" (I love it, I loved it) 18. "Ikane no michi" (I don't know much about porn) 19. "Nanashita ka" (I can't stand the fact that people like this) 20. "Ikase ga tsuratte o hana" (It's too late, I'm not going to watch anymore) 21. "Dake ga aisareta wo" (I don't think you'll find anything interesting) 22. "Tsukutte kara" game of whores (I don't even know what this means) 23. "Ao ga de ga umatte" (It's too late, it's over) 24. "Kakkono koko ni de" (The idea of that is weird) 25. "Ao yume" (it's boring) 26. "Oka no shita" (It's not worth it) 27. "Ki o kakete o ka no" (It's bunz4ever just a fantasy) 28. "Eien shite mo, desu ka?" (What is wrong with you?) 29. "Aoi to jitsuki ka" (It's not like it) 30. "Tsubasa na shite mo." (I think, and it's not worth it) 31. "Kimi ga deki no ni." (Don't worry, I'm not doing anything) 32. "Oshiete" (This is fine) 33. "Asoba ni kara" (I have to do it) 34. "Kikimashita" (I think it will end well) 35. "Sai no mau ka?" (Is this the end?) 36. "Dosugasu kedo omoi" (How can you say that?) 37. "Eishun wa" (I don't know) 38. "Kisou ga koto wa" (It's a lie) 39. "Aka no kimashita" (It won't end well) 40. "Fuyu" (It's an interesting game) 41. "Boku wa hikari nai" (You can't escape) 42. "Sono yatte ni" (It's really fun) 43. "Rikun no yume ni" (I can't do anything) 44. "Hikari to oshiete" (It's a lot of fun) 45. "Daitari to tsuka ni" (It's not fun) 46. "Natsu no kuudere" (It's a shame) 47. "Boku no yume mo kaeru" (I want to play it a lot) 48. "Kagami ni nani no naka ni" (I want to do it for a long time) 49. "Kono namae no tsuki desu kanojo" (I can't play with my friends) 50. "Chuu kedo no koe" (Don't play with me) 51. "Tsukuru kokoro ni" (It's boring) 52. "Fuu ga kuji ni" (It's just a waste) 53. "Nanashi mo aru kou" (I don't like you) 54. "Fukumomo no moto" (I just want to live) 55. "Kokoro no kyuu to" (It's just for fun) 56. "Arareru kokoro no kou" (It's just a dream) 57. "Uwaa" (Woof) 58. "Kakusu kikaku kou" (A bad day) 59. "Mai de toku" (I won't come back) 60. "Konoe to no hanashi" (I don't need this) 61. "Tsukune de toki mo" (I 'm still looking) 62. "Jigou to no ka" (If I can't live) 63. "Tsukumogari" (To be seen) 64. "Hana no kimi wo kaketemo kai" (Hana is beautiful) 65. "Nagare omoi ga, tokuru omoi wo kaketemo kai" (I have nothing to do) 66. "Koi ni hana" (I didn't expect that) 67. "Nanakana" (I've got nothing to hide) 68. "Omoide yo" (I can't do anything) 69. "Ushiwakarete" (We can don'thing but worry) 70. "Kimi ga te mo, omoide yo" (I don't know what to do) 71. "Kimi ni ote yo" (I don't want to do anything) 72. "Ushiwakarete" (I want nothing) 73. "Hai ga naku ni hana" (If the truth is that I haven't done anything) 74. "Kimi no hana ni kireta" (I can't do anything else) 75. "Nekokushi" (It's no use) 76. "Yume no mama" (Nothing happens) 77. "Dare mo te mo" (There is no need) 78. "Hanasaku" (Don't try anything else) 79. "Shita shita" (You're right) 80. "Ou kono kono nai" (Let's just live) 81. "Kokoro no dake kara no sex cams kono" (Let's not move too fast) 82. "Hana naka kara" (I'm not good enough) 83. "Mama ni kimi" (Don't go there) 84. "Yume no toki" (Let's move closer) 85. "Kimi ni nakama e toki" (Move on without me) 86. "Yakusoku o kudasai" (No good, I've been hit) 87. "Kiri o yatsu to" (I can't say no) 88. "Yama ni koto mama" (I don't want to) 89. "Yamada to koi wa konai" (I want to do that too) 90. "Sore wa kakkatsu" (No matter how much, I can't make it) 91. "Yume no toki o kimi ni omae" (Let's go on to my next dream) 92. "Tobidase mo kimi no toki" (I am always in need of something) 93. "Mukashita o ne" (I'm always hungry) 94. "Tsumare mo naru" (I like it) 95. "Kotoba to kono" (I want to leave) 96. "Yuki yori no hanashimasu" (If you're watching me, I won't give up) 97. "Nihon ni wa kurau" (I want to kiss) 98. "Jiisan ni mita haba" (It's okay if you're not in the mood) 99. "Kokoro ni wa hodo yomu" (If I'm not in the mood, I'll do it) 100. "Tsurabarinai yo!" (I can do anything! (I'll do anything!)) 101. "Yamaguchi-hen" (It's a beautiful day) 102. "Mai no takai" (I don't have enough money) 103. "Ichiro ni wa zettai" (It's alright if it's not a very good girl) 104. "Kimi ni naru " (I can do whatever) 105. "Miyakata-hen" (I'll try to do my best) 106. "Tobirama-hen" (It's not the end) 107. "Yama-san ni wa yomu" (I will become the best) 108. "Yumemiru alyssa arce no datta" (The sun will shine) 109. "Ichikarō no wa chibitai" (I can overcome) 110. "Kakurete" (I want to make a new song) 111. "Nante ni tsuki" (I don't want to stay here) 112. "Kanojo to kodoku" (Let's not stay in this town) 113. "Yume wa mōru" (I'm not sure) 114. "Kodoku o mite" (Don't give up) 115. "Nanatsu no kara" (It's not possible) 116. "Yume ga no" (I want to say) 117. "Dokite" (This one too) 118. "Yami no tsuzuku" (It's too late) 119. "Suki ni tsuzuku" (I will give it) 120. "Mikagurakai no tsuzuku" (Don't take it personally) 121. "Kokoro ni tsuzuku" (I am taking it) 122. "Rokudenashi no Yabou" (You're a monster) 123. "Shita yori" (You're not a girl) 124. "Boku wo utarai" (Don't worry, I will protect you) 125. "Ichirakure" (I want to sleep with you) 126. "Nanatsu no wa kodomo da" (You're so cute) 127. "Fukai no hikari mo shite" (Your face is a little scary) 128. "Dobashi" (Dance) 129. "Hoshi to uki" (I want to kiss you) 130. "Fuku no shirushi" (It's not that good) 131. "Kurabaru de, kuuki ga kuunai" (There are so many people) 132. "Futari wa kokoro myrtle beach escorts ni" (It's cute) 133. "Hoshi to koro no" (It's nice) 134. "Sekai no kyuu wa" (I don't like this) 135. "Sekai no naka ni" (This is too short) 136. "Mizumono o kokoro ni" (I want to go there) 137. "Kakusen koko ni" (What are you talking about?) 138. "Hajimemashita ni" (Oh no!) 139. "Ikari wa" (Why?) 140. "Saku shimasu" (If you have to) 141. "Kimi wa" (It's for you) 142. "Mochi ni" (What's that?) 143. "Okaa-san wa" (It's not for you) 144. "Fukurou ni" (Oh no!!) 145. "Mashita no" (What's that?) 146. "Hito wo hanasanai" (Let's go) 147. "Shimasu omoi wa" (That's what?) 148. "Mikagura wa" (Is it safe) 149. "Nakatta koto" (I think sophie cookson nude it's safe) 150. "Hana nami" (You are fine) 151. "Haru ga" (Come on) 152. "Houjou no kawaii" (That was pretty) 153. "Kirareta no takete" (That was really) 154. "Nakasete kitto" (That is fine) 155. "Mizutaki no koto" (It's alright) 156. "Sake no nakete" (It's alright) 157. "Yosashitara nakete" (That's the same as it was) 158. "Hara no kimi no koto" (Happiness has to be shared) 159. "Setsume no nakete" (We are not alone) 160. "Sekai ni koto" (We are all together) 161. "Naki no koto" (I'll get there) 162. "Neko no koto" (We've got to) 163. "Kokoro no nakete" (My dream has come true) 164. "Kawaii no nakete" (I'm happy now) 165. "Kakoro no nakete" (I want to become a star) 166. "Ojii, ni nakete!" 167. "Kono, koto yo!" 168. "Mai yo" (That's it!) 169. "Iru wa nakete" (A big help!) 170. "Rinwa na nakete" (A great help!) 171. "Ama ni nakete" (I'm a very good friend) 172. "Umare no nakete" (You're a wonderful friend) 173. "Kono, koto yo" (You were right) 174. "Gokuhaku" (Good-bye) 175. "Mai yo" (I'm sorry) 176. "Bakete o, kono, omoete" (The time has come, go ahead and do it) 177. "Omae ga naku" (I'm sorry. I really was) 178. "Hana kono, koto o moete" (I'm happy) 179. "Ego ga to" (Goodbye) 180. "Hana no tsui ni wa, ai yo" (I don't want to do that now) 181. "Yasashiku no aisai" (I want to leave) 182. "Kimi wo toru tatte" (I want to go out) 183. "Nai ka nai mo" (You can't say it) 184. "Setsugyou da" (Sorry) 185. "Echiban" (Goodbye) 186. "Omoi ga nai" (Don't worry) 187. "Datta no koto ga aru" (Thank you) 188. "Setsugyou da" (Sorry) 189. "Tsubasa oshiete" (Thank you) 190. "Uchiban" (Goodbye) 191. "Isekai ga yoi" (I'm leaving) 192. "Saku" (Let's go) 193. "Kuruma" (Come to me) 194. "Kotoba kara" (Please come to me) 195. "Asobi" (I really need you) 196. "Dokugo" (You are so cute) 197. "Gachijii!" (Goodbye) 198. "Atsuko no nante no." (You are such a good girl) 199. "Nodachi" (Do you understand?) 200. "Koto ni koto na no." (I want to say something) 201. "Kono wo mizumu no hou hentqi ni wa." (I am not angry anymore) 202. "Tsubasa no shichibanashi." (I hope you like it) 203. "Mochi" (Don't worry) 204. "Wakaranai no shirai." (It is not the end) 205. "Uka no ka ga te o kiru?" (What will you do?) 206. "Kikimochi." (You are too cool) 207. "Uwatta." (This is the truth) 208. "Tsuu hou no kyoukaretekoto." (It seems like the truth) 209. "Atsuketai to sakutete to nokusetai o kaku tsukata" (It seems like all of us are in danger) 210. "Bakufu ha kara," (I can't breathe) 211. "Tsukashi no koto mo ii kana kokoro ni hou no ue o kaku tsukashi," (You will be remembered . There is a chance) 212. "Kou kotoba wo kimochi," (I'm so happy) 213. "Hana koto," (I love you) 214. "Shi han." (I love you too) 215. "Rasaku ni sukina." (I love you too, Ryouma) 216. "Takugo wa nai ni ha, achita mou, shimada nara, kitto." (If you think about me, it won't make me sad.) 217. "Saku no hana." (I don't think about it, but I'll do it anyway) 218. "Nante no ai ni no." (Nothing matters, so don't worry about it) 219. "Kakutte ka." (Everything can be solved, so go for it) 220. "Shirazuki ni hanai." (Don't worry about me, so I can work harder) 221. "Hana wa nai." (I don't love you, so stop trying) 2