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I've been a lesbian since I was a very young age. I was just 16 at the time. I've been sexually active with girls since I was 16 and then I went with the guys. It started off with a few guys before I got serious. I never really went to a party until my early twenties, and I didn't have any girlfriends until the late 80s. That was when I started really getting into the hardcore stuff. I was just starting my career as a porn star when sex vedios I went for my first anal scene. I got off the first one and thought, "I'd really like to be in this." I went to a strip club, and we were just getting started. I remember going to a studio in the morning and just shooting a lot of stuff in the bathroom. They took one of my boyfriends out and they just kept getting more and more, so I took a friend with me and we just took a shower and shot another scene. At that point I was going out with these two big guys, who we called "Big-G." Big-G had a big cock. I never got to fuck him, but he did fuck my friend. I was the only girl, I guess. I think he was still the manager, and I just came and showed up. We just shot some stuff, and I started to get really horny. I was still so shy, and I had never fucked before. I was just too nervous to ask Big-G to fuck me, but he said, "I want to see you take a girl." That was my only way to get my mind off my fear of being on film, but I did. I just laid on my stomach. I was wearing a short skirt that was a bit too small, but it was the summer, and I thought I would look good with my tits out. I got up, and he was in my lap, fucking me. He kept fucking me harder and harder, and I started to get more and more excited. He fucked me fast and hard, until my body was shaking and my head was pounding. At the end of the fuck, he put his hand on my ass, and I felt daisy ducati my ass getting wet. I got up on my knees and looked him in the eye, and he said: "Do hentaihere you want me to cum in your pussy? Or do you want to be my porn slut for the rest of the summer?" I took his hand and put it on my ass, and he started fucking me. Then he got on top of me and fucked me while I was on his cock. I was so fucking turned on that I was squirting all over his cock. He was like, "You wanna cum on my dick?" and I said yes. I was about to go, but he stopped me. He put the tip of his cock into my wet pussy, and he fucked my pussy from behind. Then he put his hands on the top of my head, and he started to bang my face. He started with my eyes closed, and it was the best. I couldn't see, but my whole body started to shake. He started to do it to my eyes and my mouth. He came so hard that he came all over my face. The next time he came he came in my mouth. I came with him. He left his penis inside me. He was just standing there, holding my mouth and my face as if it was his dick. That's when the worst thing happened. My mouth started moving. I could see my tongue and lips moving. I was just fucking his dick. I loved it. My ass was being held. I could feel his cock rubbing my ass. I was getting excited, so I started pushing back. I felt him moving in and out of me and getting closer and closer to orgasm.

I was going so fast that I couldn't even really think. It was like he was running the room, all the way back to me. I loved it. I'm not a porn star, but I'd heard about them, and I had to see. And if you're reading this, you must have thought, "Holy crap, that's a good looking guy." And, "Who is this guy?" "That's my man, honey. He's my favorite porn star." He was the most beautiful, the most attractive, the most passionate, the most confident, the most powerful hentai movie guy in the room. His body was perfect, but he'd never been out in public. He always had a lot of things to cover up, and I wanted to find out what he was hiding behind. But I can't find him online, so I'm going to post this on our site. Enjoy. The following are excerpts from "Harley Jade's Secrets," by "The Sex Book."

I've been a girl for a while now, and when I think about my body, I'm pretty surprised that I didn't grow a second pair of tits. I guess I just didn't see myself as anything but a skinny chick. And since I had no idea what sex was until recently, I was a virgin. The other guys on the team were all really into it, but it felt too easy to just get what you wanted from them. We'd just talk about it for a while, and then they'd all just get turned on and start making out. I didn't feel like I could make any kind of an effort, and I just wanted to be fucked. I had no ideal milf idea that anyone else had an attraction to my body, or even that it was even there. After a couple of guys took me by the waist and started sucking on my nipples, I just knew I wanted more. I just couldn't think of anything else. The next day, I came home to a bunch of guys naked, just getting off on it. They all had their erections hanging out of their pants, but not all of them were touching me. One guy was on top of me, and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I guess he just couldn't resist it. Then, when I was just about to come, he started touching my breasts. I was still wearing my underwear, so I couldn't see what he was doing. I tried to make out with him, but he just kept kissing me. Finally, he reached down and pulled my bra off and pushed it over my head. He was wearing a pink thong, but he was very excited about it. It was a very short thong, so it was a little tight, but I was wearing an adult t-shirt. This thong is very thin. The material is also very flexible, which is very important for my breasts, which are quite large. The thong also made me feel very sexy in it. I couldn't believe what he was doing to me, but I just went along with it, and it felt very nice. I felt a little nervous, and I think I kind of wanted it, but I knew that it wasn't safe. I'm not comfortable with a guy in this kind of clothing, but it was pretty hot. My body was being fucked hard by the guy, so I felt pretty good. It was very sexy, and very naughty, and he was really giving me what I wanted. I was getting turned on by him, and he was fucking me, and making me feel really good, but I didn't want to stop. I wanted him to cum in me, and it made me want to cum all over him and my cock, and make me cum so hard that it hurt, but he was really making me cum, and it was really nice. I was so happy, and then I felt like I needed to stop, and he pulled his pants down. I thought, "You're just going to go, aren't you?" And then I thought, "You're going to fuck my ass with that dildo!" I'm a very athletic woman. I don't care what happens, I'm not going to get on my knees for you, and you're going to have to fuck me, and it's going to be hot. I'm so hot. I wanted to just stop, but then I felt something and I had to go on. Then I was lying on the bed, and I was moaning and rubbing my pussy, and I kept rubbing and moaning, and he was rubbing, and my pussy was really wet and it was so soft and it felt really good, and he had so much in him, and then I got to my knees and I told him, "I've got to make you cum in me," and he came in me so hard that it hurt, but it was really nice. I'm just going to go down and say a little prayer, that I'll come back to you. I hope to see you in heaven, so let's get this started, shall we? Thank you. I guess you can't say that that's not enough.

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Oh my god. You're just so fucking beautiful. This is so amazing, and it's like you don't even care. I'm sure I can make you cum so hard and so fast if I try. Oh my god. You can just feel yourself hardening so slowly, and I can feel you squirm under me. Just feel my warm breath on you, oh my god. Don't worry, it's just ariel winter naked my warm breath, and it's just making you so fucking wet. I want you to do the same to me. Just relax and let me make you cum. [sfx of stroking, moaning, and wet sounds, etc] I can tell that's making you feel a little bit of tension, but don't worry, it will go away. Don't hold back anymore, it's okay to let me see how badly you want this, and how desperate you want to cum. You can feel your cock getting harder as I ride it harder. [more stroking and moaning] Oh fuck! [more wet sounds and moaning] God that feels so good, I can feel my wet cunt grinding on your cock as you pump in and out. Just as you thought, my cunt's dripping, my ass is gushing onto your cock, and all the while, my mouth is fucking my breasts. Just watching my tits bounce up and down while I ride you so hard, just makes me cum even harder. I'm getting close, and I know you are, too. I need you inside me, but I don't want to cum. I need you to fill my pussy up with your cum, fuck me. I nubile film can't believe I'm actually enjoying this. [more wet sounds, and moans] Yes! I'm cumming! Yes! Just keep pumping it into me, fuck! Cum! Just cum inside me! Yes! Oh my god! I'm cumming! [gasping] Oh fuck! Oh my god! That was good, right? Good, I like that! Yeah, get your hand back out. Yeah. I'm your cum cow, I love sucking it off you. Mmmh, and let me just lift my hips to take the rest. Yeah. I'm getting so warm. Oh, yeah, it's coming. [laughs] Yeah, don't get up, I'm about to take that load. Oh, shit. That was big. Let me get that for you. [laughs] And, oh, don't forget, the next time you feel lonely, it's not just a couple people, it's hundreds of people. It's so much better than just a couple of people. We're not just friends, we're part of a family. We're in an online community. What are you waiting for?

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