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Helena Bonham-Carter

Helena Bonham-Carter was born in 1976 in the United Kingdom. She started out in the porn industry when she was 18 years old, she made her first porn video when she was 21 years old. Her first feature film was "My First Porn Movie" which was released in 1993, it was an English produced film and made by the United Kingdom film company, The Cunt.

She has a very long porn career, as her porn career spanned from 2000 to present. Her latest porn -movie is "Naughty by Nature 3" which is released in April 2015. There have been many porn-stars who have had successful careers in the porn industry, and the list is very long. Helena Bonham-Carter is the second highest ranking adult star in the industry, after Christie Black.

There were other prominent performers in the past, including Kiki and Sasha Grey, but they have all been gone, and Helena Bonham-Carter is still on the scene. She has made an excellent living doing her adult work.

She has worked for various adult sites and has also appeared in several mainstream films. The majority of her films are from the US and UK. Her films have been watched by over 12 million people. Her best known work has been in the UK with the Channel 5 channel. The UK and US markets are her two biggest markets, but the UK has produced more adult content. Helena Bonham Carter is a member of the Naughty America, Adult DVD Awards and AVN awards. Helena has been on many top sites including BangBros, Redtube, Xvideos, Eros, RedTube, Xvideos and most popular of all pornstars.

Helena Bonham Carter was born in San Francisco, California on 6th January 1973 and was the youngest of three sisters. She started her career on the adult industry and then moved on to make movies for the adult industry in the US and Europe. She is a porn star, pornographer, adult model, and actress. Helena has worked for a number of studios including Evil Angel, X-Art, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Pure Pictures, XXX Films, and Evil Angel X. Her latest movie, "Sex With Me" was released in August 2013 and has a rating of 7.4 out of 10. She also appeared in a few other films in the past. Her latest role is that of "Tara" in the "Fucked In the City" movie directed by Nicki and John C. Reilly. Helena Bonham Carter is also the first porn actress to receive an honorary doctorate from the American University of Paris in 2009. She is a member of the Academy of Sex Research and the Society of Sexuality Studies. You can also see more of Helena Bonham Carter here:

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