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1. Sarah Harding:

Sarah Harding is one of the most popular and recognizable porn stars. She has won the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 2008, the XBIZ award for Female Starlet in 2011 and 2013, as well as being a winner of the 2012 AVN Female Performer of the Year Award. Her latest movie is titled "Sex Camp". The girl in the film is wearing a mini thong. We recommend the best porn movies of Sarah Harding.

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1) What do you like about nude porn? What makes your favorite nude porn so great? (Pornstars, models, scenes, director, actresses, directors, directors, producers, performers, models, performers' friends, their friends, people that I like and work with, etc.) 2) Have you ever done a nude scene before? (No, I didn't. Why don't I do it now?) 3) If you did do the scene, were you surprised by how erotic it was and how the scene was edited to make it as hot as possible? (Yes. I thought it was so hot that it was worth it. I'm glad that you like it.) 4) Do you watch porn, or is that too much of a taboo subject to discuss? (No. I don't watch porn. If you want to talk about porn, that's a great place to start.) 5) What do you like most about the scene and what do you wish more performers/models/directors/directors of porn scenes did? (I don't want to discuss what I like or don't like. There's no point in that. I just want to say that I like and appreciate the work I've done.) 6) What do you enjoy most about working in the porn industry? 7) If you could make another porn film, what would it be about and who would you cast in the role? 8) What is the worst place in the world for a girl to work? (In the US, a lot of porn shoots happen in hotels and restaurants. I think that's where most of the sex in porn happens. For most girls, the worst place for them to work is the restaurant or motel room. And that's a big problem with the industry.) 9) What's your favorite sex position? (On my list is "doggy-style" – I love it. I think it's really sexy.) 10) Is there anything in your past that has really surprised you? (That's a great question – I don't think I've surprised anyone.) What I've learned from this interview: 1) I like to be funny. 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We have to be realistic. It is quite likely that the person she wants to be with does not look good enough. Her boyfriend may not look as good as he does in the photographs.