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I was browsing in the classifieds one day and I was surprised by how many adult sites I saw. A week later, I discovered that my husband was a very active member of these sites. I'm glad I found this information, because we had no idea. I'm a very active reader of the adult book club that I belong to, and the two adult blogs I read most often, were "The Tits & The Tush" and "Fetish". I'd like to mention that I am an active blogger at the blog I am currently a moderator of. If you are interested in porn and/or fetish, you may want to follow this blog. Read more about me here

I started blogging about sex a year ago, in early 2009. I'm a 25 year old who has gay teen porn always been interested in sex. I am an Aussie, but I'm also fairly shy and awkward, so I always have a hard time explaining my sexual interests. I think of myself as an "it girl", and I write a blog about everything I am into, as well as a book about the subjects I have been writing about.

I am a fairly active member on both of my blog's forums, and I have been a regular contributor to both of them for a few years. I'm often found with other people, having fun, laughing and writing with others. I have a number of interests and hobbies, but the most important thing to me is to enjoy sex. I love to have fun and have a good time, so I am very open to discussing sex and sexuality, and I think you'll be too. I'm usually found at either the Xtube or Fapstronaut forums, and I like to interact with my friends and fans there. I'm not very big into the whole "adult" or "sex" thing, but I do like a good "humor" about it. I'm also very passionate about my work, so if you're a visual person, or like to be visual, I have a little bit of that for you. I like to draw, and sometimes I like to write short stories, as well, and I have written a few short stories on my blog (you can see a few of them on my "Sci-Fi Writing" page). My blog is all about my sex and porn-experiences. I am in my late 20s, but I started masturbating when I was 20. I've always been a fan of sex, and I like to try to find new things to do when I'm having fun. I enjoy the variety, and the different things that make life great, even in a very adult-orientated and gory way. When I started masturbating in my teens, it was an almost spontaneous thing, without a definite plan. I was just horny, and I thought I would have sex with someone, but that's where the fun ended. I started to masturbate more when I was 18, and it's been my main kiki passo nude hobby ever since. I find masturbation fun, and it's a great way to release pent-up feelings, and it helps me to relax. When I masturbate, I usually do it at night, but I also have sex. Jenna gargles is a garter belt strap-on model, and she is a great performer, although sometimes a little over-the-top. Her big natural tits get in the way of the camera, so that is not chloe foster a big advantage for me. My masturbation videos have mostly been shot in my own bedroom, so I haven't had much time to masturbate on the bed. I love Jenna gargles, and I wish I could have sex with her, but she's got a great body, and she's cute. The best part of having Jenna gargles is when she masturbates, I can really concentrate on getting off. It's like having my own personal assistant, and it feels great. Here is Jenna gargles doing a great orgasm. She large tits really gets to the point and gives me a perfect blowjob before I let her come. I love getting Jenna gargles on top of me. My mind is wandering, I'm so horny, and her breasts are right there for me. I don't think there's a porn-blog more perfect than this. It's like the best combination of the best porn blog posts I've ever read. I love how much I can relate to this girl. If you're like me, I also know about porn stars, and they have really big boobs. I'm just enjoying the feeling of being in this girl's pussy. Her lips are so wet, I think she needs me to lick it all off. I know she wants to, but I'm not going to get distracted by that. I'm too busy being able to feel her pussy lips. I start by licking the top of her pussy, slowly working my way down. She moans softly when I reach the center of her pussy. She's so tight, but I'm feeling the need to push my fingers into her asshole, so I push them in gently. I don't want her to pull her hips back when I start to fuck her. I want to get it as deep as possible. I know she wants me to keep it in deep, but I can't hold back. I start to slowly pump into her pussy, her ass clenching and relaxing as my fingers work themselves in and out of her. I can't believe that I'm fucking my step-sister's wet pussy, but I'm still in too much of a rush to think. My fingers keep sliding inside of her, the only part of her body that doesn't move, her ass, the way her butt cheeks are pressed against my crotch. I pull my fingers out of her pussy, feeling the warmth of her skin against my fingers. She has started to slowly close her legs, arching her back slightly and spreading her legs apart. My fingers are running along the back of her thighs, her pussy lips rubbing against my palms. The warmth and heat of her pussy makes me want to move forward, but I stop myself, realizing what I want to do. I rub my fingers through her hair, feeling the wetness that still covers her clit. Her ass is abella anderson rubbing against my crotch as I press my hand against her tight, wet pussy. I am feeling a bit of a rush, but my mind is elsewhere, thinking of what Jenna said. "So tell me," I ask. "Why would you do this?" I'm almost surprised by the question, and she looks at me in surprise, her eyes sparkling. "What's it got to do with me?" I shake my head and smile as I reach around her and pull my cock out. Jenna's lips open, and I can tell that she is a bit shy. I take hold of her chin with my hands and push her back down. She squeals in surprise as her mouth opens and her tongue slides over my cock, teasing it with her tongue. "Jenna," I whisper, and she starts to take her turn sucking on my cock. I continue to slide my cock into her mouth and her lips press against the head of my cock, trying to keep it buried in her throat. I let go of her chin and thrust my cock down into her throat, and she moans loudly, trying to take it in. As she takes it in, her breasts move around and she grinds against me, making me moan. Then she stops and leans in to kiss me. "I can't take it anymore," she whispers. Her breasts press against my chest, making me feel hot all over. "Let me get on my hands and knees and suck you, Jenna. I'll make you cum." I pull her hair, making her feel my erection pushing up against her stomach. "Ooooh," she moans. "Please, baby." I grab a handful of her hair and guide it into her mouth. "Come on, Jenna. Make it go away." She doesn't resist. "Ohhhh, come on," she cries. "Ohhhh, it's gonna be all over your face. Ohhhh, I need it all over my face." She pulls her mouth off of the head, and pulls her legs up. She reaches down and pulls me in, and I feel her body against my cock, and the sensation of her lips and her tongue sliding across my length. I move the tip up, and she gasps. "Ohhh... ohhh, I need it so bad. Oh, it's so good." I start pushing. When she pulls back, it makes me want to come, to scream with pleasure. "Ohhh, that feels so good." She moans. "Mmm, that feels so good, so good." I'm not sure what else to do, so I keep pushing. Finally she comes, and I come with her, moaning loudly with pleasure. I lay on top of her, and I feel a hand on my stomach. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." She says, but I'm not mad, and I'm not sorry. "You can stay the night, and we can go back home tomorrow." I ask, and she nods. She's wearing the same dress she wore the night before, and the same panties. We have a great time. I think we get to do some things together, like blowjob, or even sex, but I don't know yet. As I watch her fuck her tight little pussy, I find it hard to imagine me leaving her. This is just what I needed. I need to make this a real relationship, and I'm just now starting to realize it. She says she's going to make me a coffee, and I'm in such a good mood right now. So I have to leave to go to work, and I just need to have a little time alone. I've been dreaming of getting to fuck her for a while now, and I'm finally going to get some relief for that.

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