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Jenny Star

Jenny Star was the first actress to take advantage of the internet to start her career. Jenny Star started out on her own as a nude model in the mid 1990s and she continued to work nude over the years. She is not a huge porn star, so her personal life and private life is pretty much nonexistent.

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Sasha Grey

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Jennifer's profile was created on April 21st, 2007. The date of creation of the page was April 21, 2007. On September 9th, 2009, Jennifer's profile was updated to include "Movies in HD", and was removed from PornHub, as PornHub deleted the profile for unknown reasons. Jennifer was last seen on September 17th, 2010, as she did not log in or leave her profile for a significant period of time, but her profile has been preserved in screw my wife the history of PornHub.

Jennifer is 6'0, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slightly built figure. Jennifer has a small belly, and she has a large chest, hips, and long legs. She has a slim waist and broad shoulders. Jennifer was born in Los Angeles, CA, but moved to San Francisco, CA with her mother, to pursue modeling at age 6. Jennifer graduated from the Academy of Art University in Los Angeles with a BFA in painting. In addition to her modeling career, Jennifer also works as a standup comedian.

Her hobbies include playing video games, going to the gym, and spending time with her mom, who is also a standup comedian. Jennifer is currently in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Michael.